Beautifully wrapped Vermatzah from Naga Bakehouse

Vermatzah has arrived at both our Saratoga and Burlington stores!

What exactly is Vermatzah, you ask? Well, traditional Matzah is an ancient round, unleavened bread hand-crafted for Passover. It symbolizes freedom, simplicity and the return of Spring. Vermatzah (Matzah baked in Vermont) is eco-kosher and connects modern ecology with ancient dietary laws and ethical standards about food production, preparation and eating. It is crafted for foodies and localvores who are looking for healthy alternatives that support sustainable and local agriculture!

Vermatzah is like a sophisticated cracker that’s crispy, flavorful and delicious! It is also beautifully hand-wrapped for all of your Passover festivities. 

According to ancient traditions, the matzah you eat on the first night of Passover strengthens the faith of the soul, and matzah eaten the second night heals it.  Naga Bakehouse’s Vermatzah is shaped by hand and baked on site in their wood fired over specifically for the mitzvah of eating matzah each year. They only bake with the finest quality organic grains grown by neighboring farmers in Vermont.

It’s only available once a year, so stop by and grab a box before they’re all gone!