Come learn with us!

We offer a full range of hands-on cooking classes, demonstrations and lectures aimed at bringing culinary and wellness education to the community we love. Our Learning Center Coordinator is Clarina Cravins, whose culinary education comes from travel, cooking for her kids and growing up on a farm. Clarina takes great care in designing and scheduling courses that will enrich your life, both in the kitchen and beyond.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned cook, the diversity of our cooking class selection offers something to entice and delight everyone. Our health and wellness classes, taught by some of the area’s most talented and dedicated health providers, can make a big difference in your long-range plan for health. We invite you to look at our upcoming schedule, pick something that tempts your palate or addresses a health concern, and give it try!

The Healthy Living Learning Center is located along the Dorset Street side of our building and features a full kitchen, seating area and floor-to-ceiling natural light. It’s an ideal space to gather and learn a lifelong skill.

Looking for a creative, unique gift? Learning Center gift cards are available! For more info, please see the gift card page or give us a call, 802-863-2569.

To take a cooking class or attend an event in our Learning Center, view our calendar!


What Guests are Saying

“My favorite part of Nina’s class are that we use real tools. Not like pretend knives, real ones. And real ingredients, too. I recommend it to any wanna-be cooks.”

Lucy, Age 9

“Kids in the Kitchen has been a wonderful experience for our five year old daughter. She has developed an excitement and appreciation for cooking at a young age. Most of all she enjoys the opportunity to learn in a hands on environment with patient instructors and the gratification of enjoying the dish of the day at the end of class. As a family, we’ve used several of the class recipes to make dishes together.”

Terry and Sara Collins

“The Learning Center at Healthy Living is an oasis for budding chefs and those of us who think we know a thing or two about cooking. I have been attending as many programs as possible over the last year for some “me” time. The culinary classes that are offered and the style in which they are taught will bring everyone into the light of the kitchen.

The first thing that impressed me was the organization that went into a class long before there were any students standing behind their individual stations. Each station has all the ingredients necessary to produce the wonderful dishes that you will be creating, all perfectly washed wrapped and presented. The selection of classes run the gamut of styles, ethnicity and eating convictions. The recipes are written and printed out in a clear manner so that every one is able to understand what needs to be done. Once you are done with your class I have never left without a full stomach and least a grocery bag full of what I created that night, the take home containers are provided too.

My family has been very happy with the results and the new talents I have brought home. I 100% recommend The Learning Center at Healthy Living for anyone who has an interest in cooking or learning how to cook.”

Mieneke Maher

“I had all the drive, ambition and desire to cook well, and none of the skills. I signed up for classes in the Learning Center. What a happy and bright environment! After putting the skills and knowledge to work, I have become an accomplished cook for my friends and family. I look forward to advancing my cooking skills and techniques with Nina and the staff of the Healthy Living Learning Center in 2012.”

Kristina Lynch

“Treating yourself to private lessons with Nina is the greatest gift you can give yourself or a friend. Not only will you cook (and eat!) delicious food but Nina also focuses on skill sets that you can apply to every day cooking. You can come to Nina with a specific lesson in mind, or give her a general idea and she’ll come up with some great recipes – we’ve done everything from homemade pasta, to cooking steak, chicken and fish properly, to learning to use all the vegetables from my CSA vegetable basket to creating traditional Austrian desserts. Before my lesson is even over we’re usually brainstorming for my next lesson… I’m hooked!

Sharon Herbert, Burton Snowboards


To take a cooking class or attend an event in our Learning Center, view our calendar!