Water bottles, water bottles everywhere…

For reals, EVERYWHERE.  The reusable water bottle market has grown immensely in the past few years.  It seems like every day there are new additions to what can seem like an already crowded market.  Why so many?  What’s the difference?  How many kinds of bottles can the universe hold?  HOW TO CHOOSE?!

Not to worry.

Because we take hydration so seriously here, we’ve taken the time to try and test, debate and deliberate and have come up with what we think is a pretty darn good selection of the best water bottles out there.  Here are some of the FAB’s (features, advantages and benefits) of just a few of our favorites:

Klean Kanteen:  Arguably our most popular brand, these bottles are made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel and come in three sizes and a variety of fun colors.  Their thoughtful design features rounded, rather than sharp corners inside the bottle that make it harder for bacteria to hide and easier to clean.  There are also several options for tops (sport, loop and flat) as well as a line of wide-mouth insulated bottles.  Rugged and colorful, these bottles are a great choice for hiking and outdoor sports.

Lifefactory:  These stylish bottles are made of glass (glass is said by some to offer the most taste-neutral hydrating experience) with a silicone protective sleeve that comes in several colors. Lifefactory bottles feature a wide opening that makes adding ice cubes or  fruit super easy, but a sport top will be introduced this summer.  While the colorful silicone sleeves (made in the USA) are great for protecting the bottle from bumps  and dings and the glass bottle itself (made in France) is pretty darn sturdy, it IS still glass.  We recommend these bottles for commutes, at-desk hydration and yoga classes.  We also carry the Lifefactory baby bottle, which is a best-seller!

ALEX Bottle:  The newest addition to our water bottle family, these bottles have a nifty threaded joint so you can open your bottle in the middle for easy cleaning, no bottle brush required!  They are made from unlined, food grade 304 stainless steel (same family as 18/8), are dishwasher safe and come in two sizes.  Their tops and seals are 100% BPA-free and the strap is made from recycled water bottles.  They are super stylish and because they are so easy to clean, we suggest using this bad boy for powdered drink mixes and smoothies as well as water.

This is only a sampling of the wonderful world of water bottles within our walls so come on by and ask a staff member which one is their favorite or see for yourself.  Here’s to the H2O-curious!