We Are What We Eat… So What’s in Your Lunch Meat?

Thin sliced ham and vegetables on rustic crusty fresh country bread

Right now, maybe right at this very moment, your kid could be at school learning that she is what she eats.  It’s an oft-repeated statement- you may have even shared it with her already- and it’s definitely catchy enough to stick around in her head for her whole life, which is actually a very good thing.  Because it’s true.

Let’s go back to physiology class for just a second.  Our bodies are pretty incredible when you think about everything they have to do in order to keep us up and moving (or asleep and snoring, and everything in between).  In order for us to see, hear, tap our toes, drive a car, or hug a friend, our body has to turn whatever we put in our mouths into molecules that our cells can use for energy to keep us functioning.  To do this, the mouth passes food down the esophagus into the stomach where it does a long and laborious dance with muscles and digestive juices until it’s small enough to be pushed into the small intestines.  Here, as it moves along and continues being digested with a little help from the friendly pancreas, liver, and gall bladder, the walls absorb nutrients (all the vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats), passing them off to blood vessels which carry them all over the body either to be converted into energy by cells immediately or stored for later use.

So there it is: food becomes the energy source that keeps our cells, and us, working- we are what we eat.  It’s true after all!

And since it’s true, it seems clear to us why it’s best to pack your little student’s lunchbox (and yours too, while you’re at it!) with the best kinds of fuel she- and you- need: real, pure nutrition and energy that will ultimately become the building blocks of your body should come from real, pure foods.  Thankfully, our amazing Meat Department carries a whole array of tasty, yet wholesome, lunch meats perfectly suited for the task!

We’re proud to offer easy-to-grab packages of ham, turkey, roast beef, and chicken from Applegate Natural & Organic Meats and Waterhill Naturals.  These companies are committed to providing meats that have NO added nitrites or nitrates, NO artificial ingredients, less sodium than the average commercial lunch meat, and come from animals who are raised without hormones or antibiotics.  (Only real, natural ingredients and no hormones or antibiotics?  Yes, please!)

Have a little more time on your hands?  Swing by our meat counter to get custom-sliced lunch meats from animals raised locally and ethically.  Our team of knowledgeable butchers can custom-slice the meats to your liking and you can rest assured that the sandwich which will eventually become cellular building blocks is beginning with only the best ingredients.

We are what we eat.  It’s a good lesson to remember.