We Love Local Cheese!

Maplebrook Family 1

This month, we’re featuring a Vermont cheese which is already a favorite among customers and staff: Maplebrook Farm’s Fresh Mozzarella!  Hand-stretched and molded in the traditional Italian way, this pasteurized cow’s milk cheese is made daily in Bennington, Vermont from rBGH-free whole cow’s milk, vinegar (which plays an important role in acidification), and vegetarian rennet.  After the curds are stretched and molded, they’re finished in a light sea salt bath and then wrapped to preserve the fresh, moist-yet-firm, mild, milky product. 

We sell this cheese in roughly eight-ounce balls, making it easy for you to get the amount you need for all your cooking and snacking desires!  It’s a classic component of caprese salad, makes a delicious and authentic topping on pizza, and could even be enjoyed simply with a little olive oil and freshly-ground black pepper.  It is on sale at $2.00 off a lb until 3/4/15.

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