We love New York Wines!

Here at Divine Wines, we are constantly evolving and bringing in new products to not only please our guests but to also keep up with the new up and coming trends! What we have recently done in Divine Wines is changed up our New York section and added in more well rated Rieslings! The Finger Lakes region’s cool climate, “lake effect” temperature moderation, glacial soils, and sloping topography combine to make it one of the world’s finest Riesling-producing areas! We now carry Silver Thread Semi-Dry Riesling, Red Tail Ridge Dry Riesling, Standing Stone Riesling, and Ravines Dry Riesling. Not only are these wines local within the state, they are family-owned and operated as well. The growing practices are also very sustainable, meaning there is very minimal pesticides and chemicals that go in contact with the grapes. Come check out these delicious New York State wines in Divine Wines!