We love Vermont Cheese!


Just in case we haven’t made it clear yet, we wanted to make sure you know that we love our local cheeses and cheesemakers.  We give thanks each and every day for the amazing diversity and astounding flavors that are crafted essentially in our backyards.  We are so lucky, and therefore so grateful, to have cow’s milk cheeses, goat’s milk cheeses, sheep’s milk cheeses, and blends thereof available at our fingertips!  This array of dairy deliciousness is unique, world-class, and let’s just say it: lip-smacking good, and we couldn’t ask for anything more.  We acknowledge and thank all the Vermont cheesemakers for their hard work and dedication, we thank the animals for their gift of milk, and we thank you for joining with us in gratitude.

Here is a list of all the fabulous, local cheese we sell at the HL cheese counter:

Blue Ledge Farm,  Blythedale Farm, Bonnieview Farm,  Cabot Creamery Cooperative, Champlain Valley Creamery,  Cobb Hill Cheese, Consider Bardwell, Crawford Family Farm, Crowley Cheese Co, Does’ Leap, Grafton Village Cheese, Green Mtn. Blue Cheese, Jasper Hill Farm, Lazy Lady, MapleBrook, Mt. Mansfield Creamery, Neighborly Farms, Orb Weaver, Plymouth Artisan Cheese, Sage Farm, Scholten Family Farm, Shelburne Farms, Spring Brook Farm, Taylor Farms, Thistle Hill Farm, Twig Farm, VT Butter and Cheese, VT Farmstead Cheese Co,  VT Shepherd, Von Trapp Farmstead, Willow Hill Farm, Woodcock Farm