Welcome Jack’s Abby!

The Beer Department is proud to welcome Jack’s Abby Brewing into our set at Healthy Living Saratoga! Jack’s Abby hails all the way from Framingham, Massachusetts. Formally founded in 2011, by three brothers (Jack, Eric and Sam Hendler), Jack’s Abby’s lager-focused brews have been consistently winning awards and gaining them attention since they opened.

We love that they’re family founded, owned, and operated (just like us!), but we also love that they source local ingredients for their brews from their very own farm! All of their beers that are included in the annual “Mom and Pop’s Harvest Series” utilize ingredients that are grown right on the Hendler farm.

Hoponius Union, available year-round in 6-packs, perfectly combines lager yeast fermentation and West Coast IPA hops, which they have deemed as an ‘India-style Pale Lager.’ Cold fermented and aged for extended periods, Hoponius Union is similar to a traditional IPA, but with a twist of classic American hops which creates aromas of tropical fruits and citrusy hops. In line with their other brews, Hoponius Union uses locally sourced ingredients from the farm.

Industry professionals rate this 6.7% ABV American Pale Lager with 96 out of 100 points, making it a world’class choice for your taste buds!




The second item we have available from Jack’s Abby is their seasonal, October release, ‘Kiwi Rising.’  They like to label their Kiwi Rising as a ‘Double India Pale Lager’ due to the face that it is an intensely hoppy and strong lager that has over four whole pounds of New Zealand kiwi-hops added. They continuously add whole leaf hops, and multiple dry hops varieties to the brewing process to produce an intensely floral and citrus aroma.

Industry professionals rate this 8.5% ABV Double India pale Lager with a 97 out of 100 points, making this yet another Jack’s Abby brew that is considered world-class, and certainly worth a try! Available in 16.9oz single bottles only at Healthy Living Saratoga.Rising.’