Welcome Zen Society Skincare!

Ooooh-la-la! look what’s new to our shelves! A wonderous, sumptuous, organic, ALL VEGAN skincare line called Zen Society Skincare.

Zen Society lists their company mission as: “We want our society to make a difference; we want people to live more natural; we want to see a culture that is about people and the environment.”

These products are truly wonderful. There are absolutely no chemicals, toxins, parabens, dyes, preservatives, mineral oils or fragrances only pure goodness from nature! Zen Society was started by Kaitlyn Lockman, a Master Herbalist in Connecticut who is committed to helping the environment and the belief that beauty should be simple, natural and healing.

These body products are made for all skin types and are extremely gentle. The body scrub is incredible..you can even use it on your face!  My other favorite item is the Macadamia Body Oil which is soothing, nourishing, regenerative and fast absorbing. Perfection in a bottle! All Zen Society items are made with jojoba oil which gives them a six month “life”…truly fresh! Stop by the Wellness department and try them for yourself!

Also, check out this interview with Kaitlyn from this past fall for more in-depth reviews and information!


*Courtney* – Body Care Buyer