Wellness Welcomes Wild Branch Foods

The Wellness Department is happy to now stock three new products from Wild Branch Foods.  Based in Charlotte, Wild Branch Foods is, “a collective of farmers, food producers, herbalists, and wild-crafters,” whose mission is to,  “be creative with food and bring the beauty, health, and diversity of the land to our palettes.”

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Wild Branch Foods sources many of their ingredients from certified organic farms, and their wild-crafted ingredients are foraged in pristine environments, managed by the natural cycles of nature.

They seek to establish multi-cultural exchanges based around food, and are happy to connect with farmers both near and around the world to find the highest quality super-foods and botanicals. The ingredients that they don’t grow themselves, are sourced from the highest quality organic farms, indigenous tribes, and reputable fair trade distributors.


We now carry The Wild Branch Foods Eldberry Syrup, as well as two of their Maple Syrup Infusions–Tulsi, and Ginger. These infusions deliver the botanical benefits of the medicinal herbs in a delicious base of nutrient-rich, local maple syrup. Try a teaspoon or so as a replacement for other sweetners in coffee, baked goods, or smoothies…the options are endless!

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