We’re Going to Do Better Together: A letter from HL owners on BLM

Dear HL Community,

Healthy Living has always been a place that values diversity, inclusion, and equity. But we can do more. As a brand and as a community of 240 staff in two states we are committed to making both immediate and long-term investments in fighting systemic racism. We insist that black lives matter and we know that not being racist isn’t enough; that becoming anti-racist is the way forward.

We’ve always taken pride in admitting what we don’t know, learning, and hiring the best people to help guide us forward. We know that a huge part of becoming an anti-racist organization is entering into the discomfort of uncovering behaviors in ourselves and practices ingrained in our company that need to change. We will begin this work by investing in Anti-Bias and Equity training for our teams. We are a company that believes in action – and this is our way of activating our mission and guiding principles – to be a place where we value learning, community, and equality.

Healthy Living has also made in-kind donations to local social and racial justice organizations in both our communities where we operate (Burlington, Vermont and Saratoga Springs, New York). We know that these donations will help fund work that needs to be done on a large scale, and support people suffering injustice in our own communities.

We’re also encouraging our staff to take advantage of two great benefits that we have offered for years. Healthy Living supports staff in volunteering by offering paid volunteer hours and a one-for-one company match on charitable donations to all 501c3 organizations. At this moment in time we feel it’s more important than ever to inspire our staff to take action and be part of this movement.

Real change starts in communities like ours. Let’s take this opportunity to make a difference right where we live.

With love,

Katy, Eli, and Nina