What Can Flowers Do For You?

From the words of Lettuce Bee Flower Essences “From the deep in the heart of Vermont an offering of the healing energy of the many wild and cultivated flowers that joyfully spring forth from the Earth in this sacred mountain hollow that those of us here at Lettuce Bee Farm call home”. People often wonder how can I take care of myself through natural remedies. Flower Essences are great remedies to help balance your inner self.  We have a wide variety of different flowers that you can actually ingest! Each flower has its own unique remedy to help ones mind, body and soul. For example chamomile helps bring a sense of inner peace, tranquility, serenity and calmness and settles one in for rest and good night sleep. It also helps to relieve stomach tension and upset bellies. This is just one example of what a flower essence can aid for oneself.

Flower Essences

We also carry Lightheart Flower Essence Therapy. When you purchase one of these bottles a pretty card comes with it. On the card is the flower that is in the bottle to show you the beauty of the flower you are going to ingest.

Being able to ingest flowers as well as put them on your skin you can reach a new level of clarity. Along with ingesting flower essences we also have topical use only essences that can connect with your inner self.  From the words of Ver Mont Perfumery ” Natural Botanical Perfumes work with YOUR chemistry and are unique to each person. Apply each perfume to your skin, have it breathe a while and let it speak to you”. These perfumes have essentials oils derived from flowers.

FLower Essence 2

Please stop on by our Wellness Department and talk with one of our staff members to learn more about Flower Essences.