What exactly is a Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Will Call?

We thought it might be helpful to elaborate on the Will Call events that we do here every month with Black Phoenix products for those of you who are curious..

The term “Will Call” essentially refers to the method of delivery for goods that are purchased directly from the sellers’ place of business.

For Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Will Call’s are special events that happen monthly (on the full moon or shortly after) where you can have tangible access to their vast wonderful catalogue of regular stock and limited edition perfume oils.

You see, Black Phoenix is mainly an online retail operation. For many years, they did not have a brick and mortar store so they would open their office up for one night every month on the full moon (to coincide with the releases of their lunacy perfumes) where people could pre-order what they wanted and then come to pick it up directly from them while getting a chance to meet and chat with the staff.

These days, Bpal has a display of all of their items inside a spectacular little store in Burbank California called Dark Delicacies. They hold their monthly Will Calls in there and you can buy what you want directly from them at these events (although they no longer accept pre-orders of items).

Our South Burlington store is currently the only other location for Will Call’s. Unfortunately the staff of Black Phoenix can only be at the California events but we get the limited scents to try and buy and we have a large assortment of the regularly offered perfumes as well as the Retail Only Salon Exclusives, which you cannot order online.

Will Call’s are free to attend and open to the public. Rest assured, you will walk away from these events having broadened your olfactory range and you will smell amazing! The dates for the Will Call events are put out monthly by Black Phoenix and Healthy Living via email, their store webpages and assorted social media sites. Be it West Coast or East Coast, we hope to see you there!