What Thanksgiving Means To Me: Thank You, Farmers ????‍????

I noticed it 36 years ago when I opened my first Healthy Living store. Small family farms began disappearing from the landscape. It made me sad, and it made me wonder what my little grocery business could do to help.

I started buying from local farmers long before “shop local” became a trendy hashtag.

Working together with the farm families, we began talking about how to bring their products to market. We worked on packaging, pricing, developing relationships with buyers, and much more.

Today, I drive past the acres upon acres that were once overgrown with weeds and had shuttered barns. In their place, I see freshly planted fields and restored barns dotting the lush landscape. Thriving family farms mean great food for all of us, land that’s healthy and green, and success for farmers.

For me, there’s nothing more worthy of our thanks. To the farmers, for never giving up. And to you, our guests, for happily filling your table with locally sourced food.

Thanksgiving goodness is for ALL food lovers. Try our Michelin-star Chef and Culinary Director Mike Daley’s take on a vegan side dish inspired by French lentil stew. It’s sure to become a new holiday tradition.

We’re here to help you find all of the ingredients for your favorite recipes. (Like where the heck–and what the heck—is Lacinato Dino*?)

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*In case you were wondering … Lacinato Dino is a dark green, heirloom kale. While it’s been around since the 1700s, you can rest assured ours is the freshest in town ????

Wild Mushroom & Green Lentil Ragout
Serves 8-10

“Thanksgiving is always about the sides in our house. Of course, all of the classics: mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, brussels, and carrots. And I love to introduce new flavors, too. This vegan ragout has all the good Fall vibes–earthy, comforting, and healthy.”
—Mike Daley, Healthy Living Michelin-star Chef and Culinary Director

Spanish Onion, sliced thin 3 cups
Garlic, chopped fine 3T
Sunflower Oil, 8T
Lacinato/Dino, washed and sliced thin 4 cups