Who says Vermont only grows apples?

We know better!  Here’s some of the incredible variety the local Vermont harvest brings to Healthy Living.

More squash varieties than you ever dreamed of
Rockville Market Farm – Butternut whole and peeled and cut packages
Valley Dream Farm – Spaghetti Squash, Acorn Green & White
Arethusa Farm – Delicata

A rainbow array of potatoes from
Last Resort – banana, rose and red thumb fingerlings
The Farm at South Village – banana, red, French fingerlings
Valley Dream – red and gold
Golden Russet Farm – gold, red and russet

Onions galore
Rockville Market – red and yellow
Jericho Settlers – Red Mars & Alisa Craig
Half Pint Farm – cippolini, torpedo and pearl
Last Resort & Pete’s Greens – Walla Walla & Shallots

Cauliflower – Hazendale Farm, Needham Family Farm
Pumpkins – Heirloom Pumpkin Riverberry Farm
Carrots – loose and in 5lb & 2lb bags from Arethusa & Diggers Mirth Farms
Beets – red, gold and Chioggia  from many farms
Beans – Green Beans, Dragon Tongue, Romano, Haricot Verte, Wax
Cabbage – red, green, napa, savoy, and arrowhead from many farms
Garlic- Last Resort Farm, Jericho Settlers
Kale – Hazendale, Pete’s Greens, Deep Root
Eggplant – Stony Loam Farm, Half Pint Farm & Diggers Mirth
Baby Bok Choy – Diggers Mirth, Pete’s Greens, Jericho Settlers
And of course we’ll have Apples, Apples, and more Apples from Champlain Orchards, Scott Farm, & Dwight Miller Orchard