Why craft beer is turning to cans

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It’s safe to say that for many years canned beer was just… okay. Large producers pumping out mass quantities of lager for the as yet, uneducated American palate. Beer had few flavors, just different packaging labels. Now with the advent of craft beer, there are many flavors and for a while, bottles were the standard. Bottles have an inherent class to them, and the variety of shapes and sizes are endless. So why not stick with these crafty, classy bottles? Well here’s a couple reasons why cans are in to stay:

1. They’re lighter than glass, hence cheaper to ship. This saves small breweries money and also saves fuel for the trucks that deliver them. That’s the eco- friendly choice!

2. Cans are cheaper to produce and its cheaper to install canning units than bottling lines. A major plus for small breweries!

3. Canned beer is easier for you the consumer to transport, especially in outdoor activities where beer is most often consumed. A day at the beach (no glass allowed), hiking (broken beer bottle in the backpack really dampens your hike!) fishing, camping, whatever it may be. Also cans are easier and lighter to haul out to that recycle bin at home.











4. Most craft beers these days are hop forward IPA’s, pale ales, etc… Hops are photo sensitive and their compounds begin to break down when hit by light. Ever wonder why beer in green bottles has that distinctive “skunky” aroma? It’s the spoiled hops. So if you want brewery fresh taste, the way the brewers want it, better get that IPA in a can. Think of them as mini kegs!

5. Last but not least, cans chill faster! When you’re out camping by the creek and need a cold one, just dunk it in an eddy for 15 to 20 minutes, and you’re good to go. Glass, being thicker, takes a little longer, and who wants to wait for that deliciousness any longer than need be?

So grab a can and raise it high. Cheers to freshness, being classy, and drinking from an eco friendly package! Prost!