Winter Pantry Supplies

Snow time is no time to find yourself short on day-to-day staple items- good thing Healthy Living is well stocked with all of the basics (and more!) to coax you and yours out of bed, warm you from the inside out, and put a bit of pep in your step on brisk and icy mornings.

Shore up the reserves during the bustling holidays so that house guests and visitors can look forward not only to spectacular sweets and elaborate savories- but also some humble and reliable Nature’s Path Organic Oatmeal (8 different flavors to choose from!). Which brings us to the jewel of any hot breakfast: PURE VERMONT MAPLE SYRUP. We recommend a tin pint or two from Square Deal Farm in Walden, VT. All organic, a Green Mountain treat for out-of-town relatives- plus shipping-friendly packaging for loved ones who aren’t able to make the trip.
Brew up a batch of strong, fragrant and piping hot Woodchuck Coffee Co. beans- these local South Burlington artisans produce 8 varieties, so take your pick and take it black, white, with sugar or what-have-you. Maybe drizzle in a healthy dose of Maple Syrup!

For the young and young-at-heart, keep some Lake Champlain Chocolates Hot Cocoa on hand- available in Traditional, Organic or Mountain Mint (pairs flawlessly with cookies, candy canes and of course marshmallows). For a quick and easy hot meal after a bracing day out, toss a jar of 2 Guys in Vermont Soup into the pot. Made from 80% Vermont-grown ingredients, the Chunky Garden Tomato, Veggie Basil Goodness and Hearty Curried Apple Butternut Squash will call to mind memories of sunnier seasons- and perhaps give you a renewed appreciation for putting by and squirreling away food for Winter!