Women in Business: Corie Pierce of Bread and Butter Farm

Corie Pierce co-owns Bread and Butter Farm in Shelburne, Vermont growing an array of vegetables and herbs, and raising beef and pork. Bread and Butter Farm is one of the closest farms to our South Burlington, VT store, you can find various items in our Vermont location’s produce department throughout the growing season.

1.) What’s your business’ origin story? How did it all start?

My business is Bread & Butter Farm. We are a community farm, and we began in 2009. I originally started it with a friend, who has since left to be just a baker and not a farmer anymore. Now, I am the sole owner/operator.
Although I am the sole owner/operator now, it is truly important to me that we operate as a cooperative, and actually we are currently exploring ways to become a cooperative! My goal over the years has been to build a strong team of farmers and educators who have a long term interest in our mission and being part of our business. I really want the folks who work here to take deep ownership, and include their loved ones as part of our “farm family”. On our farm, we raise cattle, pigs, and turkeys, as well as grow vegetables. We also bring our community together in various ways – through education programs for kids to adults, and also through community events. My husband also runs his business here – Music for Sprouts – in a renovated part f our barn. We have another small business – Blank Page Café, run by Mike Proia, located in our farm store. Our employees are dedicated, passionate and we hope will be with us for a long time! Additionally we have begun a partnership with artist Nancy Miliken Winship who is doing environmental based art here at our farm. This dynamic group of people bring so much intention and joy to our farm!

2.) What is the most rewarding part of owning your own business?

The most rewarding part of our business is the team that we have built and then how this team can collectively work together to grow food and offer genuine and loving experiences for our community! I am just humbled and honored to be part of this group.

3.) What are some of the challenges?

The most challenging aspect is that we are small – we are just a hand full of people who are doing many different things and I am always ON! Between running a farm with all the needs of the animals and plants, and then being a mama to two awesome kiddos, and then managing the details of the business, it is a lot. But, everyone has a lot going on these days!! Luckily this team rocks and we support each other well.

4.) Name one company or business owner that you really admire and why.

Crow’s Path! Teague O’Conner and the crew that makes up that organization has inspired me from the beginning. We are learning so much from that amazing non-profit.

5.) What advice do you have for other women out there that might be thinking of starting their own endeavor?