You are not what you eat! Solutions for Poor Digestion

Growing up, we were always told, “You are what you eat”, but in actuality, you are what your body digests, breaks down and absorbs. Americans have made it funny to have digestion problems, but really, we can never be that healthy if we don’t clean up our digestive systems.

On Monday, May 24th, Dr. Stephen Brandon D.C will discuss how with a few simple diet changes, you will begin to see huge rewards. Dr. Brandon is a wellness consultant and chiropractic physician who specializes in helping people get and stay well. He focuses in Applied Kinesiology, which takes into consideration the entire person – physically, nutritionally and mentally. He works with people of all ages in a way that is effective, encouraging and inspiring. He has offices in both Waterbury and South Burlington.

This class is free and runs from 5:30-6:30pm. As always, make sure you preregister by calling our customer service at (802) 863-2569.