4th of July and… wine?

Happy (almost) 4th of July, Saratoga! As you start to think about firing up your grills for the 237th Independence Day festivities, I’m sure you’ve put some thought into what refreshing beverages you will be enjoying with friends and family on this celebratory day. Typically, one thinks of  an ice cold beer to enjoy with a good ol’ American cookout, but if you’re not too keen on beer, don’t despair! We have some excellent wine suggestions for you for your 2013 4th of July!

Hot dogs, chicken, and burgers on the grill? We suggest opening a bottle of old vine California Zinfandel; it has the richness to go with beef and other grilled, smokey goodies, and the jammy fruit to handle whatever fixings you desire to add on!

Four Vines 2009 Old Vine Cuvee California Zinfandel; on sale at Divine Wines for $9.99 a bottle!

Vegetarian? Try grilled portobello mushrooms and other assorted veggies with an earthy Syrah from Languedoc, France! This great little Syrah has it all by being Certified Organic as well as friendly for vegetarians and vegans, alike!

Chatea Maris 2009 Natural Selection Languedoc Biodynamic Syrah; $13.99 at Divine Wines!

Potato salad, macaroni salad and corn on the cob? Try a Chenin Blanc/Viognier blend! Though the foods are different flavors, this wine can accent all beautifully. The Chenin Blanc adds a fruity sweetness to cut through creamy dishes and complement the naturally sweet flavor of corn while the Viognier adds crisp minerality to round out the flavor on the palate.

Pine Ridge 2012 California Chenin Blanc/Viognier; on sale at Divine Wines for $11.99 a bottle! Located on the bottom shelf of the cooler in Divine Wines for $11.99 a bottle!

Want something just simple, cold and refreshing? Got Sangria on the brain? Us too! Eppa Sangria is Certified Organic and made with all organic fruit such as grapes, pomegranates, blueberries, blood orange, and acai juices, as well as natural citrus essences. Packed full of flavor, and already ice cold in our cooler, all you need is a glass, a few ice cubes and a slice of orange to enjoy this summer delight on the 4th!

Don’t see anything here that interests you? Not your cup of tea? Stop by Divine Wines and we’d be happy to offer alternative suggestions for you. If you’re doing last minute shopping the day of, be sure to get here early, because we close at 6pm with Healthy Living on July 4th.

Happy festivities and have a great Independence Day, Saratoga!