A Different Take on Radishes

We are in Radish Season and while some of us find that pretty exciting, others of us are wondering, “How on earth do I use a whole bunch of radishes?!”  (And some can’t even fathom why anyone  likes the powerfully spicy things to begin with.)  Here is a tasty, quick, uncommon take on radishes which may win over even the most avid radish-avoiders.  They’re called simply Glazed Radishes.

What makes them so unique and palate-friendly?  They’re cooked.  That’s right: cooked.  Going through this process takes out the classic ‘bite’ to which many people are averse and supplants it with softness and sweetness.  And cooking them is easy- so easy that it only takes a handful of ingredients, one skillet, and a pretty minimal time commitment!  You merely put the trimmed radishes (yep: they’re not even peeled!) in the skillet along with small amounts of vinegar, sugar, and butter, top it all of with water, and cook for 10-15 minutes.  As the radishes are mellowing and softening, the liquid is reducing, and the end result is a tasty batch of tender glazed radishes that look gorgeous and delightfully pop in your mouth when you eat them.  (Radish fans, don’t worry- although they lose their ‘bite’, they still definitely taste like radishes!)  When we served them at our Demo Counter today, one customer made sure we knew that it was “the first time [she] ever liked a radish!”  We think you’ll like them too.

They’re perfect for a quick dinner side dish, for parties, showers, you name it!  Click here to find the recipe.