A Taste of Rosé!


In the U.S. we often associate pink wine with sweetness, thanks in part to the ubiquity of White Zinfandel in the American market, but in Europe (and particularly in France) rosés are more often prized for their dryness. This week we will taste five rosés that beautifully represent winemaking in Southern France and one from the Loire Valley. Although some are more fruit-forward than others, none are sweet. Some flavors and aromas you might detect in these wines are strawberry, raspberry, citrus, mint, violet, lavender, rose, stone, and a flavor very particular to the South: garrigue. The term refers to the low-growing vegetation in the area that includes rosemary, lavender, and other herbs. Imagine herbes-de-Provence in liquid form.
The most common grapes that are used to make rosés are also the most common to make reds in the Rhone Valley: Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, and Mourvèdre. In the case of rosé winemaking, however, the clear juice and the skins are only in contact for a fraction of the time, resulting in wines that range from pale pink to salmon in color. In the lighter form Mourvèdre lends freshness and flavor; Syrah adds fruitiness; Grenache is smooth and fruit-forward; Cinsault brings floral aromas and perfume to the wine; and one can detect citrus and salt from Rolle. All of the complex flavors that typify red wines are present in these ross, but they are much lighter and more versatile when it comes to food pairing. In France, rosés outsell white wine. Why not join us for this week’s tasting and see for yourself how delicious and refreshing they are?
Here is a brief description of the wines that we’ll taste this week:

1. Miraval 2014
Cotes de Provence
Regular Price: $24.99
Cinsault, Grenache, Rolle, Syrah
Brad and Angelina Pitt-Jolie pairs with legendary Famille Perrin to produce their rose.
White flowers, strawberries, cherries, mineral freshness and slight saltiness, aromas of garrigue and citrus.

2. La Vieille Ferme 2014
Rhône Valley
Sale Price: $8.99
Wine Spectator- 87
Cinsault, Grenach, Syrah
Famille Perrin’s entry-level rosé
Floral aroma of rose with citrus, fresh fruit on the palate, stony finish.

3. Château de Lascaux 2013
Sale Price: $14.99
40% Cinsault, 30% Syrah, 30% Grenache
Certified Organic*
Red berries, garrigue, minerality, mild acidity, bright and fresh.

4. Chais St. Laurent Chinon 2014
Loire Valley
100% Cabernet Franc
The color is pale pink with aromas of red berries and grapefruit. Fruit-forward yet bone dry, this Rose has delightful aromas as well as tasting notes of cherry and earth.

5. Bieler Père & Fils Cuvée Sabine 2014
Coteaux D’Aix-En-Provence
Sale Price: $9.99
41% Grenache, 38% Syrah, 12% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cinsault, 4% Rolle
Strawberry and raspberry with a savory balance of garrigue, strong acidity on the finish.

6. Château du Rouet 2014
Cotes de Provence
Sale Price: $13.99
60% Grenache, 40% Syrah
Juicy and fruit-forward with a bright acid balance to lighten it on the palate and keep it dry.

We hope to see you there! This tasting is from 3-6pm! 21+ only please.

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