Behold! The 24 oz. Mason Jar…

This just in folks.  As canning season is fully upon us the kind people of Ball have re-introduced the elusive “pint-and-a-half” mason jar and we’ve got ’em!

Get ready for 24 ounces of wide-mouthed goodness.  These bad boys look suspiciously similar to the wide-mouthed pint jar we all know and love, but (you guessed it) they are about 50% taller.  That means that these are just PERFECT for big pickles, zucchini, asparagus (next year) or anything you want just a little more of.  They’re bigger than a pint but have way less of a footprint than a quart, a great in-between size.  Ball Jar beverage enthusiasts take note; this will hold one huge iced coffee, titanic tea or giant juice.  Just sayin’.

Oddly, the 24 oz jars come in cases of 9 rather than 12 but we are also offering them individually in our Bulk Department.  Because we care.



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