Bento Box Brilliance!

Last week, Learning Center Instructor Gerda Lederer taught “Bento Box Brilliance!” in our beautiful Learning Center classroom.  It was a fun and delicious success!

Bento Box Lunches












The Bento Box is a single-portion, home-packed meal container commonly used in Japanese cuisine. Traditionally The Bento Box holds rice, meat or fish and a vegetable; but as taking your own lunch to work becomes a more popular option, the limits of the Bento Box have become… well, limitless!



















In this fun and very delicious class, Gerda showed Learning Center students how to expand their Bento Box horizons, as well as how to create meals that re-heat easily or can be enjoyed at room temperature, and how to use leftovers to create amazing meals the following day.

Bento Box Lunch



















Check out this mouth-watering menu:

Waldorf Rice Salad
Chorizo and White Bean Stew
A Duo of Skewers: Chicken with Peanut Dipping Sauce; Chilled Shrimp with Zesty
Asian Dipping Sauce
Wrap it Up: Amazing Egg Salad; Home Made Hummus
Hot Pepper Noodles with Chicken
Sides Sides Sides: Cucumber Salad, Not Your Every-Day Potato Salad, Crisp Crudites,

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