Bento Box Brilliance!

Last week, Learning Center Instructor Gerda Lederer taught “Bento Box Brilliance!” in our beautiful Learning Center classroom.  It was a fun and delicious success!

Bento Box Lunches












The Bento Box is a single-portion, home-packed meal container commonly used in Japanese cuisine. Traditionally The Bento Box holds rice, meat or fish and a vegetable; but as taking your own lunch to work becomes a more popular option, the limits of the Bento Box have become… well, limitless!

Bento Box 4



















In this fun and very delicious class, Gerda showed Learning Center students how to expand their Bento Box horizons, as well as how to create meals that re-heat easily or can be enjoyed at room temperature, and how to use leftovers to create amazing meals the following day.

Bento Box Lunch



















Check out this mouth-watering menu:

Waldorf Rice Salad
Chorizo and White Bean Stew
A Duo of Skewers: Chicken with Peanut Dipping Sauce; Chilled Shrimp with Zesty
Asian Dipping Sauce
Wrap it Up: Amazing Egg Salad; Home Made Hummus
Hot Pepper Noodles with Chicken
Sides Sides Sides: Cucumber Salad, Not Your Every-Day Potato Salad, Crisp Crudites,

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