Cheese of the week: Coupole

This week we’re featuring a cheese which requires a lot of dedication and labor to make, but with which it is easy to fall in love.  Winner of the 2nd place prize in the American originals, goat’s milk category at this year’s American Cheese Society competition, Coupole (meaning “dome” in French) is made by the Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery in Websterville, VT.  It is made using the same recipe as the company’s Bijou and it requires three days to create, from pasteurization to formation, and about forty-five days to reach full maturation.  This little dome of goat’s milk cheese is actually rather hefty and substantial, with a dense and creamy interior and a soft, wrinkly, thick rind, becoming softer and more delicate with time.  The flavor strengthens with time, becoming sweeter and more goat-y.  Coupole is easy to slice into wedges, making it an easy and memorable addition to your cheese plate as well as providing sophistication to pasta dishes, fresh salads, and fine meat entrées.  Suggested wine pairings for this little lovely include Pinot Noir, Prosecco, and Lambic.  Coupole is a true labor of love and we hope you enjoy it!