Featured Cheese of The Week: Zamorano


We’re always delighted to introduce you to those kinds of cheeses which are a little obscure but completely delicious and often make regular appearances on cheese boards once known.  This week, we’re featuring one such cheese, and it’s called Zamorano: a raw, firm, sheep’s milk cheese from Spain.  You’ve most likely heard of or tried its cousin, Manchego, and they share common features such as the type of milk, hardness, and zig-zag patterning, but what makes Zamorano special is the unique flavor which results from being made with primarily Churra sheep milk in the Zamora province of Spain and the influence of the region’s cold, humid climate.  Its flavor is nuttier, richer, and often more piquant than even the most-aged Manchegos, and the zesty flavor lasts longer in your mouth; its texture is also quite dry, making it a good cheese for grating.  Zamorano is excellent when enjoyed with grilled or roasted meats, melon, quince paste, and full-bodied red or white wines, and will melt easily when grated, making for an unexpected and tasty topping for burgers and omelets.