Healthy Living: A New Year’s Resolution that Helps Your Wallet, Community, and Health

Learning Center Cooking Class

To us, Healthy Living isn’t just the name of a store or the place we come to work everyday it’s a way of life. It’s being conscious of the decisions we make regarding food, health, people and our environment. As the New Year begins and the dust settles from the holidays, many of us are left with a list of resolutions and a hopeful sense of optimism for accomplishing them. We’d love to be a resource; here are three areas where we can help!

Get Healthy:  Trying to lose weight, achieve whole body nutrition, or eat with a food allergy? We have three in store nutritionists that are here to help. Healthy Living is proud to host Leslie Langevin, MS, RD, Abby Wadsworth, RD and Kimberly Evans, RD of Whole Health Nutrition LLC, in our Produce Department every Wednesday from 5:00-7:00 and Friday from 12:00 to 2:00 where they will answer questions and help you find the foods, supplements and nutrients that are right for you. They will also be demoing dishes to support full body health and answering all your questions about supplements and diet. Check out their schedule on our events calendar.

Another great place for healthy eating inspiration is our recipe database. Loaded with seasonal dishes these recipes are great for special occasions or simple family dinners.

Build Community: Each year many people set goals to become more involved in their community and support more community causes. Healthy Living offers many opportunities to do just that! Our Learning Center offers a full menu of hands-on cooking classes, cooking demonstrations and community lectures aimed at bringing culinary and wellness education to the community we love. Nina Lesser-Goldsmith, our Learning Center Director, takes great care in designing and scheduling courses that will enrich your life, both in the kitchen and beyond. Check out the Learning Center schedule here to sign up for one of our exciting upcoming classes!

Save Money:  Bulk is a great way to fulfill your resolutions to save money!  In bulk you can buy as much or as little as you need, allowing you to experiment with new products without fear of commitment kicking in. You’re also saving money because you’re not paying for the fancy labels. We offer many staple foods such as rice, grains, flours, pasta, beans, cereals, trail mixes, nut butters, sweeteners, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, herbs, spices, salts and peppercorns and more!

Another great way to save money is to check out sales on our website or grab our weekly sales flyer as you come in the store.

With the New Year underway we wish you nothing but luck fulfilling your goals for healthful living… and as always, let us know if we can help!