Healthy Living Covid-19 Update 3/31/2020


In the midst of all that’s going on, we continue to make sure the products you want are on our shelves. Thank you for your patience as we continue to find ways to keep the food on our shelves, our staff safe and healthy, and you, our loyal guests, fed, happy, and up to date.

The kitchen table remains the place where we gather together with our families. And fortunately, Healthy Living has been able to keep the trucks rolling in our direction. 35 years of loyalty to our main distributor means a lot; they have consistently delivered to us for the past few weeks, and we are so very grateful. Our commitment to local farmers and producers has also paid off because we don’t just rely on one truck or one warehouse – we’ve got hundreds of trade partners who are continuing to deliver during these tough times. After several huge deliveries, we are abundantly stocked in every department.

Here are a few updates:

  • Our HL2GO orders have been overwhelming! We hope you’ll be patient as we adjust our operations to make room for more click and collect orders – this service is time consuming and we are working as fast and as hard as we can to be able to increase the number of orders we can complete each day. For the most part, we are shopping orders efficiently and guests are happy with our curbside delivery. If you are having a hard time finding a slot for pick up please refresh your page throughout the day – as we pick orders it opens up spaces for more orders. If you can’t find a space, please contact us at Again, we’re doing our best!

  • There is mass agreement that “cake makes everything better.” For that reason, we’ve added nearly all of our amazing Bakeshop items to our online inventory.

  • Cake comes AFTER dinner, so we’ve also put our Cafe items online too!

  • For the time being, we are suspending our Special Order Program. Don’t worry – it will return!

  • Plexi dividers are going up at the registers! This is something many of you have requested – and as usual we’re delivering!

  • Gloves are readily available throughout the store, if you’d like to grab a pair.

  • We kindly ask that after you shop you remove used gloves, used sani wipes, tissues, and other trash from your shopping cart. We must work together as a community to protect each other.

It’s a time of many emotions. Trying to figure it all out, we bounce up and down! We’ve always wanted our store to be an “oasis;” a place where a great vibe rules, where systems are efficient, where guests feel a sense of being taken care of. We are working hard to make sure that “oasis” is there for you during this time. It’s not easy to achieve, but we are DOING THE BEST WE CAN!

Thanks for your understanding and support,
Katy, Eli, and Nina