Healthy Living Loves Local: 2 Chicks Natural Foods

2 Chicks
Meet Kristina Strouse and Alicia Bevan from 2 Chicks Natural Foods


What a great way to eat your greens! Here is their story:

We worked in the natural food industry for over 19 years combined, 6 of those years we worked together. In the year 2009 we were finally ready to make the shift to starting our own business in the industry. Alicia stumbled upon a new snack food creation while working on a science project with her 1st grader. The big science question was “Can healthy food taste good?” The answer we found was yes! The Kale chips were a hit at the science fair, and so it dawned on me: “I need to make these on a bigger scale, package and sell them at retail stores!” I consulted with Kristina and she loved the idea. For over 6 months we created a business plan, LLC, and the perfect recipe for the Saratoga Kale Chip. Now we distribute these tasty chips to stores locally, in Saratoga Springs, NY. Our goal is to always keep the batches small, the ingredients minimal, low calorie, local and all natural. Making our Saratoga Kale chips the very best way to eat green.