Healthy Living Loves Local: Arethusa Farm

Healthy Living loves local and when could be a better time to highlight our local farms and show our appreciation for their amazing produce then right now!

Arethusa Farm is a certified organic vegetable farm established in 2001 at the Intervale in Burlington, only miles from downtown Burlington.  Arethusa grows a wide selection of vegetables on twenty acres of sandy soil along the Winooski River. During the growing season, Arethusa farm harvests entirely by hand and they sell most of their produce within a ten mile radius.

Arethusa Farm supplies numerous products to Healthy Living and Café including:  tasty meslun, bitey arugula, beautiful summer squash, snappy zucchini, aromatic cilantro, pungent parsley, crunchy carrots, juicy beets, crispy kale, crisp bean varieties and much more.  Come into the Healthy Living Produce department today where you can buy Arethusa Farm products seven days a week.