Healthy Living Loves Local: Buckley Farm

From the fertile pastures of Valley Falls, NY comes Buckley Farms 100% grass-fed beef – a delicious, LOCAL alternative to conventional, boxed beef.




Buckley’s herd of Belted Galloway cattle, a heritage breed native to the Scottish Highlands, provides guests of Healthy Living’s meat department with an exceptional, grass-fed local beef.

Believed to have evolved from ancient Celtic cattle, the Belties as they are fondly called, are a hardy animal; an excellent forager that thrives on grass. The Belted Galloway breed has always been well-known to produce superior quality meat that is juicy, tender and flavorful – qualities we augment by dry-aging on site and butchering at Healthy Living Market.

Introducing Buckley Farm Free-Range chicken!




Pasture-raised, in slow-food fashion – on forage and all-natural, non-gmo feed. These Freedom Rangers (breed) love foraging in pastures, free ranging in natural sunlight and fresh air (not to mention ground scratching and dust bathing)!

With their long legs and elongated bodies (hence a narrower breast) the Freedom Ranger from Buckley Farms is the answer for those in search of a traditional farm chicken like our ancestors used to raise – healthy and with a succulent flavor and firm texture.