Healthy Living Loves Local: Eagle Ridge Farm

Healthy Living welcomes Eagle Ridge Farms


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Eagle Ridge Farm in Schuylerville, NY is an eclectic farm, with a lot to offer. Free range New Hampshire Reds and Plymouth Barred Rocks (chickens) lay beautiful brown eggs with rich flavor and great nutrients. The fertile Schuylerville ground grows a variety of vegetables, and they also breed and sell beautiful purebred Satin Angora Rabbits.

Chillin’ Chickens
Satin Angora Bunny
Satin Angora Bunny



Did you know the 100 pleats on a chef’s hat represent the 100 ways to cook eggs?

Now you know!



In the café at Healthy Living we are using the Eagle Ridge Farm fresh eggs to make delicious breakfast sandwiches and wraps made to order. Taste the rich nutrient packed egg yolks and see the vibrant color it holds. Compare the egg to the average nationally sold, mass produced egg from who knows where, and see the difference. A good egg should be tightly condensed when cracked, if the white runs all over you know that the egg is old or of poor quality. The yolks should be a deep rich yellow color, not the generic pale yellow that you see most places. There is nothing generic about these eggs, they are delicious! Packed with protein, iron, folate, and choline, eggs are not only a great start to the day, but make a great healthy snack.

So stop by Healthy Living and grab a breakfast sandwich, or some hard boiled farm fresh eggs. You can also purchase other types of farm fresh eggs by the dozen in our dairy section, but be warned… once you go farm fresh; you won’t want to go back!