Healthy Living Loves Local: J. Heloise Greeting Cards

We love J. Heloise for her beautiful greeting cards that show true beauty both within the picture itself and the heart and soul that goes into each one. She let us know that she tries to craft cards that speak to what she loves most and we can see that in her work. Ironically as well, these are some of the things we in Vermont love as well and we understand her passion. The Vermont Landscape, the beauty of the Adirondack and Green Mountains, boats, animals, old photos – are all sources of inspiration for J. Heloise. (She grew up going to summer camp in the Adirondacks, so the mountains are close to her heart!)

These pictures capture some live-action drawing at the Burlington Waterfront taken by Hopscotch Photography. Her background in fashion design has helped her learn to see the detail in things, and draw subjects that are moving fast — “very helpful for sailboats and birds” she explains! The drawings require a lot of focus from the artist who says that she often goes to the library and study a subject’s anatomy before painting it.


Only her best sketches & paintings become greeting cards. “I believe the best way to say something meaningful is with art that’s meaningful. That’s what’s great about art, it helps people speak…” says J. Heloise



All cards are printed locally at Minuteman Press in Hinesburg. Check out for info.