Healthy Living Loves Local – Vermont Farm Table

Welcome once again dear friends to the Housewares corner of HL Loves Local, our chance to introduce you to some of the folks who actually MAKE the awesomeness that adorns our aisles.  It is in that spirit that I invite you to give a hearty “howdy” to Vermont Farm Table.

This Burlington, VT gem was founded in 2008 by Dustin, a solid dude with a desire to build a better table.  As his furniture business took off, he branched out into kitchen gear namely cutting boards, chopping blocks and rolling pins.  With a shop in Charlotte and a studio in downtown Burlington, VTFT began to make a name for themselves selling furniture made from locally harvested and reclaimed lumber.  VT Farm Table connected with Healthy Living last year as they were searching for a retail outlet for some of their kitchen tools and wound up raffling off a table here as well.  They’re that cool.

We now carry their rolling pins and “end-cut” chopping blocks (year-round bestsellers) which are literally the end cuts from making tables chairs and anything else, sanded, oiled and branded for your chopping pleasure.  With wood species including Maple, Walnut, Cherry and others there’s an awesome array of hues for you to choose from!

The pieces from VT Farm Table are simple and striking and beautiful.  Functional enough to be truly used and yet pretty enough to make a delightful gift.  This joining of form and function is just as present in the way Dustin talks about his business as it is in his work.  I asked Dustin for a description of VT Farm Table and he sent me this:

“we buy wood from shelburne farms
we are made in vermont
we are locally owned
we are a small business”
Perfect, to the point and true.  Just like what they build.  Boom.
Swing by Healthy Living and check out our assortment of kitchen tools from VT Farm Table or check out and get your table on!
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