HL Lends a Hand at Flack Family Farm

On October 15th, Ashley and I (Trisha) from Healthy Living headed to Fairfield, VT  to help Flack Family Farm on one of their many fall production days.

Our first two tasks of the day involved peeling garlic and prepping peppers for the kimchi mix.

Once we finished our tasks in the kitchen, we went out in the beautiful fall sun to chop cabbage for a batch of sauerkraut. Flack Family Farm grows beautiful organic green cabbage for their kraut.

Each cabbage is prepped before going through the chopper. The outer leaves are removed and all soil and sand are wiped off. Then, each cabbage is cut by hand into pieces that fit inside the chopping machine. Below is Ashley, our Lead Dairy Buyer, using her knife skills.

One of the final steps before the kraut is made is chopping the cabbage into small pieces. We chopped over 300lbs of cabbage for one bin of sauerkraut.

The chopped cabbage gets mixed with course Celtic sea salt and pounded out to start the lacto-fermentation process. We took turns with the wooden sticks. It was quite the workout!

Sauerkraut and kimchi are stored in a cool space and left to sit for at least six weeks before being packaged and sent to local stores. Both products are available in the store, as well as their pickled root vegetables.

Flack Family Farm fermented foods are delicious and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a snack. We ate ours on the farm with a delicious and local lunch.

Thank you, Flack Family Farm, for hosting us on the farm and for showing us the ropes.