Must-try: Self Care Trays

Creating rituals for self-care is one of my favorite “making the everyday life the good life” tricks. I love creating small opportunities to pamper and recharge myself through simple practices that have a big impact. Lately I have been creating little self-care trays and leaving them in places where I will see them – on the counter in my bathroom, on my bedside table, and in my kitchen. They serve as little reminders to take time for me! I think of them as pop-up mini spas throughout my house. I even have one in my car!

My process of learning the value of holding space for myself came as a survival tactic in my own personal journey of healing in my life. Daily intentional practices using energizing, simple tools supported me during this period of personal loss and struggle. And, these practices helped me deliver little bits of beauty to support my mind, body, heart and soul at a time when I could have easily been depleted.

Self-care is key to supporting you in living your best most radiant life. Taking time for yourself benefits you by


  • Reducing stress

  • Set a positive tone for your day

  • Reminds you that you are worthy and important

  • Revitalizes you on the inside and outside

  • Holds space for you to focus on simple beauty


You deserve to feel your best and be pampered. Let me help you make it easy.

Keep It Simple.

Choose one or two items to make part of your self-care routine. An aromatic bath is one of my favorite ways to start my day on the right foot. Right now I am loving the “pacha soap co. golden chai froth bomb” that I discovered in the wellness department at Healthy Living & Cafe here in Vermont.


Make It Beautiful.

Adding little splashes of beauty throughout your home says “I honor myself”. These little visual cues are super impactful and don’t have to be big or expensive. The addition of this fun little tray to hold my bath bomb, my soap, and my heart grown wild tulsi chia body oil says to me “damn girl, your living the good life”.



Make It Accessible

Don’t tuck your favorite self-care tools away. Make it easy to see and find beauty throughout your home. Keep your favorite self-care tools out where you will be drawn to them and where you will be reminded that you are worthy of living your life in beauty. Here are a few of the simple, but on point self care trays I have created that make me feel special and pampered throughout my day.


Bathtub Basics: Baudelair Hemp Wash Mitt + Pacha Natural Soap 



The Car Kit: Chapstick + Altoids + Weleda Hydrating Hand Cream + Aura Cacia Chill Pill Essential Oil


Self-Care in The Kitchen: Kitchen Gloves (these are key) + Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner + Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap + Walnut Cellulose Sponges and Endurance Cleaning Pad



Make it easy to live your best most radiant life by adding more beauty to your daily routine. Creating opportunities to nurture yourself by holding space, literally and figuratively, on small trays that are filled with a few of your favorite tools is a gift that you can easily give yourself. I hope that you enjoy these small, simple and thoughtful ways to support you in living your best most radiant life, with ease.

Written for Healthy Living by Kimberly Evans MS RD.
Kimberly Evans is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and food enthusiast with over 30 years of experience in helping clients achieve health as a lifestyle. She firmly believes the “good life” should be every day life.Kimberly has a life long love of ballet, running and yoga. Kimberly is passionate about making it easy to connect to multiple sources of nourishment to support your health and vitality.