New Products 10/22/2018 (Vermont)

Maybe it’s the excitement over the fast-approaching holidays. Maybe it’s the anticipation of seeing friends and family you don’t get to see often enough. Whatever it is, the days are whirling by, and we’re excited for what comes next! Breaking bread, raising a glass, and sharing hopes and dreams with those important to us. Life is good – and we love sharing all that goodness. And speaking of goodness, did you hear Ben & Jerry are now offering – only in Vermont – Cookie Dough Chunks? That same oh-so-good chunks of cookie dough found in their famous ice cream, but without the ice cream! So give it a taste and let B & J know what you think… because they’re leaving it up to us Vermonters whether the treat will stay.


Organic Pink Pearl Apples – These apples are sweet, translucent-skinned apples with a vividly rosy flesh. Their delicious flavor and striking color translate well to ruby colored pies, tarts, and apple sauces! They are only available once a year, so don’t miss out!

Organic Cranberries – Tart cranberries are excellent in familiar seasonal recipes (cranberry sauce, anyone!?) and for getting creative and using them where you might need some tart (and even bitter) flavor.  

Organic Hachiya Persimmons – Hachiya persimmons are large, bright orange, heart shaped fruit and are only great to eat when they are completely ripe. They must be so soft as to be pudding-like to be sweet, otherwise can be very astringent. Worth the wait, they can be eaten fresh, stewed, dried, or baked! There have been thousands of varieties of persimmons in cultivation for centuries around the world.

Andy Boy Cactus Pears – Andy Boy is a family owned company in Salinas California, and one of the first to send refrigerated cars of vegetables, like lettuce, across the country! The company’s founders arrived in America from Italy, bringing with them the tradition of growing this sweet fruit. Cactus pears are sweet and versatile, perfect for mixing into cocktails or salsas.


Primal Kitchen Ketchup – Organic and unsweetened.

Pereg bread crumbs – Classic, Coarse Panko, Fine Panko, Italian Panko.

Nuco Coconut Vegan Mayo

Fine Cheese Co & Fine English Crackers.

Bulk organic blanched almonds – raw, salted, roasted unsalted.

Bulk Grandy Oats Coconola – Two new flavors exclusive to Healthy Living! Turmeric Citrus Coconola and Sesame Seaweed.


Nutty Life Cashew Milks Sweetened naturally with dates! Their blends are packed with more cashews than other leading brands. Never any added fillers or other additives. Pure and simple is their motto. Flavors Available: Cafe Blend, Vanilla Bean, Nuts Over Chocolate, Matcha Vanilla, Pumpkin Pie.

Ben & Jerry’s Snackable Cookie Dough Ben & Jerry’s has just launched their newest product: snackable Cookie Dough Chunks! Right now these are available exclusively in Vermont and quantities are limited. So grab a bag (or two) from our freezer while you can! Available in Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chip.

Wholly Guacamole Organic MinisOrganic, vegan, kosher, preservative free and adorably tiny. Minis have it all.

Chameleon Cold Brew Organic Whole Milk BlendsSuper smooth, low acid cold-brew blended with organic whole milk and a touch of organic sweetness. Flavors available: Pecan, Mexican, and Original.

Honey Mama’s Cacao Nectar Bars A combination of 5 nutrient-rich ingredients which are sourced from the highest quality direct-trade, non-GMO, and organic ingredient producers they can find. Free of: soy, gluten, eggs, dairy, and grains. They’re all Paleo as well. Flavors we offer: Ginger Cardamom, Lavender Red Rose, Mayan Spice, and Coconut.

Cypress Grove Bermuda TriangleGet lost in the flavor of Bermuda Triangle. Tart and tangy with intense pepper notes, it’s the perfect cheese for any rind lover. When sliced with a wire, it creates a stunning and distinctive presentation that brings the “wow” factor to any table. No compass required.


US Sherpa – Scarves, Shawls, Hats, and Hand warmers.  Founded in Burlington VT, US Sherpa works directly with artisans in Nepal to produce beautiful, quality products and provide support to the Nepalese community. Their scarves and hats make excellent gifts and we’re always glad to see them this time of year!

Natural Factors Organic Fermented Greens VT – Natural Factors grows their own certified organic vegetables to produce their fermented greens whole food nutrition. Available in original, tropical, and chocolate flavors, these products are gluten free, vegan, certified organic, and non-GMO.