New Products 11/09/2020



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Organic Navel Oranges & Organic Satsuma Mandarins: Bring on the citrus!! Our Produce Department is popping with the colors as this years abundant citrus crop hits our shelves. Navel oranges, Satsuma Mandarins, and more are on our shelves and coolers now, with more to come! With all that wonderful variety in mind, here’s an idea: slice a variety of citrus and mix with some finely chopped red onion. Serve with a mustardy vinaigrette, feta cheese, and some chopped mint. There are so many ways to love citrus season!



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Brio Coffeeworks Instant Coffee: Brio Coffeeworks is now making instant coffee! That’s right….locally roasted with the taste and quality they’re famous for, Brio’s new take-anywhere convenient instant promises rich coffee flavors. On our shelves now: Calypso – perfect for those who love something rich and dark. Guatemala la Voz – lovely with bright acidity.

Thai Fusions Thai Simmer Sauces: Simmer sauces make pulling a dish together so simple! Pick your favorite stir-fry veggies and protein, and then add one of these brilliant sauces. Quick, fresh, inventive varieties. Peanut Sauce, Panang Curry, Green Curry, or Mango Ginger BBQ. 

Right Rice riced veggies, new flavors: These have been a huge hit, so we’ve added more flavors to our line. New flavors include: Fried Ancient Grain Medley, Harvest Medley, Thai Curry, and Cilantro Lime.

Kween granola “nut” butter

Howl Mac & Chef plant-based mac and cheese, dairy free: Try Classic or Spicy Chipotle! 


South Burlington Only

NU Chocolate: NU Chocolat’s beautiful chocolate boutique and production facility is located in Downtown Burlington. Their European-style delights are handmade by master chocolatiers Kevin and Laura TooheyPick up one of their bars or caramels today! Chocolate Bars: Tumaco 65%Crispy PearlRice CrispyHazelnut Crisp, and Dark Salted Almonds. Other items: Fleur De Sel Caramels, Dark Chocolate Cocoa Almonds.



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Solaray Vitamin C and Zinc Supplements: As we head into winter we’re thinking more and more about IMMUNITY! And Vitamin C plays a powerful role in immune function. Solaray offers a wide range of C products that we’re proud to have on our shelves. Their C1000 is loaded with rose hips and acerola cherry.  Both are natural sources of C and provide an added immune boost. Check out their new C products:  Vitamin C Timed Release, Bio Vitamin C Timed Release, Vitamin C 1000mg with Rosehips and Acerola, Zinc 50mg.


South Burlington and Saratoga Springs

HiBAR Plastic-free Shampoo and Conditioner: Shampoo in a bar! This is a salon-quality product that’s becoming a staff and guest favorite, providing a rich lather with clean ingredients. No soap, sulphates, phthalates, or parabens.  Choose Maintain, Moisturize, or Volumize and get great results. Plus, you’ll be doing the planet a favor by choosing a product that’s environmentally friendly.



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Grand View Farm 100% Grass-Fed Beef: Devoted to the principles of organic, sustainable agriculture, Grand View’s herd of USDA-certified grass- fed cattle is born and raised on beautiful Grandview Farm in Essex, NY. The herd live outdoors year-round and rotate on lush mineral-rich pastures. They’re fed LFF baled hay in winter and follow a dynamic grazing management program in summer, moving the herd often to maximize nutritious intake.  The end result is superb quality cuts that we’re proud to offer!