New Products 9/28/2020



NY Only

Hand Melon Farm – Local Carving Pumpkins and Autumn Mix Pumpkins: They’re here! Hand Melon Farm grows some of the best pumpkins around, with long curly stems for your Jack-O-Lanterns, and beautiful White Moonshine, Blue Doll (blue?!), and Porcelain Doll (pink!) pumpkins to dress up your porch for fall. 

Juniper Hill Farm Local Organic Pie Pumpkins: Pie pumpkins are petite and perfect for pies because they have fewer seeds and are super sweet – not to mention they actually fit in the oven! Juniper Hill reports that their new pie pumpkin variety this year is sweeter than ever. 

Organic Pink Pearl Apples: This variety of apple is excellent for pies and desserts, with its beautiful tart/sweet flavor and a hint of spice. The translucent yellow skin belies a bright pink interior! Also excellent simply for eating just as it…the ultimate Autumn snack! 

Other New Items in Saratoga:  

Organic Delicata Squash 

Fresh Watercress 

Local Organic Celeriac 

Local Organic Juniper Hill Farm bagged Carrots and Beets 


VT Only

Carving Pumpkins and Autumn Mix Pumpkins: They’re here! We have large orange pumpkins with beautiful dark curly stems for Jack-O-Lanterns, and Pink Porcelain, white, and Blue Jarrahdale pumpkins for dressing up your porch! 

Local Organic Pie Pumpkins: Pie pumpkins are petite and perfect for pies, because they have fewer seeds and are super sweet – not to mention they actually fit in the oven! This has been a particularly good year for pumpkins and we’re expecting a nice long season and super sweet flavor on all varieties. 

Local Organic Honey Nut Squash: This miniature butternut is so sweet, it’s like all the flavor of a butternut concentrated in a smaller package. We love being able to roast a couple for dinner, and save the big ones for when you need a lot of squash! 

Organic Pink Pearl Apples: This variety of apple is excellent for eating out of hand, baked in pies, or turned into perfect Autumn desserts. Beautiful tart/sweet flavor and a hint of spice, translucent yellow skin, and a bright pink interior make this one truly special! 

Other new produce items in South Burlington:  

Local Organic Butternut, Kabocha, Acorn, and Sweet Dumpling Squash 

Local Organic Covington and Beauregard Sweet Potatoes 

Local Eco-Grown Cortland and Honeycrisp apples from Champlain Orchards 

Local Eco-Grown Shelburne Orchards Macintosh Apples 

Local Organic Fingerling Potatoes 

Organic Seckle Pears 



Both Stores

Chocolove Ruby Cacao chocolate bar: PINK CHOCOLATE! This bar gets its ruby coloring naturally from the Ruby Cacao used to make it. The flavor is comparable to white chocolate, with a hint of berries; sweet with a mild tartness. How can we resist?! 

Lily’s Sweets chocolate-covered almonds: These are sugarfree, steviasweetened. Available in both dark and milk chocolate.  

Laird Superfood Creamers: Gluten-free and dairy-free creamer that’s Keto-friendly. We have three great flavors on shelves right now: Cacao Creamer, Original Coconut Creamer, and Unsweetened Creamer.  

KRAVE Plant-based Chipotle Jerky: With a reputation for attention to detail, taste, texture, and quality that KRAVE fans know and love, KRAVE introduces its newest addition and first-ever meat-free product: KRAVE Plant-Based Jerky.  

Go Macro Kids Bars: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cup  

From the Ground Up Butternut Squash Tortilla Chips



Both Stores

Garden of Life Non-GMO Immune Support for Kids: Immunity is on our minds! Garden of Life has effective products to help keep children healthy this season. From the kids line we’re now offering:  Cough and Mucus Immune Syrup, Elderberry and Sleep Immune Syrup, Immune Gummies, Elderberry Syrup, Probiotic, and Multivitamin. 



Both Stores

Just Egg: Breakfast just got way better! You’ve request it…and now it’s on the shelf! Just Egg has reformulated their recipe and now meets our Product Ingredient Standards. Just Egg cooks and tastes just like eggs, but is 100% plant-based. Try them in an omelet with seasonal veggies (or last night’s leftovers), or simply scrambled with a great piece of toast! 



Both Stores

The McBride Sisters Wine Collection: A story of two sisters and their passion for wine. Living on separate continents, Robin and Andréa were unaware of the other for nearly half their lives, eventually finding their way to each other in 1999. They quickly discovered they shared the same passion for wine and had remarkably similar upbringings growing up amongst the vineyards of Monterey, California and Marlborough, New Zealand. Robin and Andréa created the McBride Sisters Wine Collection to unite their parallel lives and passions. Now the largest African-American-owned wine company in the United States, the collection of wines represents a genuine sense of placea blend of old-world elegance with new-world finesse. South Burlington: Chardonnay. Saratoga Springs: She Can Rose, She Can Sauvignon Blanc.