New Products 11/5/2018 (Saratoga)

Bring on the merriment! Family get togethers, office shindigs, holiday parties, decorating our home, getting dressed up, maybe putting out a glamorous buffet or special dinner. We love this time of year. But with so much more to pack into our already busy lives, sometimes all the hoopla can be stressful. Don’t worry! We’ve got you! Whether you choose to shop our stores for the freshest ingredients available or pre-order a fabulous ready-to-heat holiday dinner, we are proud to share the holidays with you. And we’ve got some amazing new items to get you started.


Organic Navel Oranges – Citrus season has begun! Navel oranges are super sweet, seedless, and have lots of vitamin C.

Organic Opal Apples – These striking golden apples have been bred through natural cross pollination to be sweet, floral, and crunchy. They also don’t brown when you cut them, making them ideal for lunchboxes or cheese platters.

Organic Seckle Pears – Teeny tiny Seckle pears are about a third the size of a regular pear, but pack a lot of sweet flavor. Also called Sugar Pears or Candy Pears.


Mike’s Organic Curry Love – Pastes and sauces to make cooking a breeze! Available flavors: Green Thai Curry, Red Thai Curry, Yellow Thai Curry. Each flavor available in a paste or sauce.

Essential HL bulk blanched almonds – Perfect for baking! Raw, salted, and unsalted available.

Zevia sugar-free energy drinks – Zero calories, clean ingredients, 120 mg caffeine. Four new flavors! Grapefruit, Kola, Mango Ginger, Raspberry Lime.

Star Anise Foods Pho Soup Bowls – Not your dorm room cup of noodles! Try Coconut, Garlic, or Peanut flavored soup bowls.

Topo Chico – new 4 pack flavors. Grapefruit and Sparkling Lime.


Daiya Dairy Free Novelties Rich, creamy plant-based frozen dessert bars, dipped in coconut milk chocolate. Dairy, soy, and gluten free. Current flavors available: Salted Caramel Swirl, and Classic Vanilla Bean.

Caulipower Pepperoni Pizza Their classic cauliflower crust with a mozzarella white cheddar cheese blend, and all-natural uncured pepperoni.