New Products 2/26/2018 (Vermont)

Let’s be honest. The end of winter can be a drag… but we’ve got the new products to spice things up in the kitchen and inspire end-of-winter entertaining. From a variety of hot, smoky peppers, vegan dips and salamis, an award-winning cheese, and zippy kombucha, these offerings will put some pep back in your step!


Organic Shishito Pepper Pints Shishito Peppers are for pan frying whole, adding a pinch of salt, and snacking on while sizzling…they don’t usually make it far since we just eat them out of the pan! These mild beauties have a smoky, succulent flavor and about one in every twenty is a little hot, making them an excellent no-fuss appetizer.

Organic Anaheim Peppers Anaheim peppers are on the mild end of the hot pepper spectrum, and gain a lot of sweetness when you roast them. Not your most typical pepper, though some people can’t get enough of their bright, crisp flavor.

Organic Poblano Peppers Poblano peppers are a very mild chili pepper that can sometimes have significant heat.  They are decidedly earthy and smoky in flavor, especially when roasted, so the most common thing to do with fresh poblanos is to stuff ‘em and roast ‘em!

Organic Honey Mangoes Honey mangoes are generally smaller and more oblong than the regular round red and green (Atkins) mangoes we’re used to, and they live up to their name in being sweet. More importantly, there’s a lovely balance of sweet and tart flavors, and the flesh is smooth and creamy.  If you like red and green mangoes, you simply must try these!

Organic Coconuts These husky coconuts are grown to full maturity so that they have a lot of coconut meat, but don’t worry, they still have lots of fresh coconut water, too.


Pacific Organic Roasted Tomato Stock & Organic Tomato Red Pepper Stock  8oz organic tomato stocks. Attention homecooks: This is the shortcut for delicious soups and sauces you need on-hand, at all times.


Kite Hill Greek-Style Yogurt  Soy and dairy free, and traditionally cultured, Kite Hill has expanded their artisan almond milk yogurt options to include Greek style.

Healthade Matcha Cold Brew Kombucha Looking for the perfect pick-me-up? Their Matcha Cold Brew kombucha energizes with flavors of matcha green tea and cold brew coffee.

Hellenic Farms Fig Salami Made with premium Greek figs, Hellenic Farms Fig Salami is a vegan treat that’s GMO free, gluten free, with no sugar added. Elevate your vegan cheese platter, add it to a vegan or vegetarian charcuterie spread, serve with orzo, in salad, or with greek yogurt… there’s so much you can do! three flavors available: Orange Zest w/ Aleppo Pepper, Smoked Paprika w/ Aleppo Pepper, and Pistachio Cinnamon.

Jasper Hill Farm Little Hosmer Another award-winning cheese out of Jasper Hill, this is their mini version of a new-world-style brie. Named for a small pond in Craftsbury Vermont, Little Hosmer has a complex array of flavors at peak ripeness including cauliflower, creme fraiche, and toasted nuts. A bright clean finish with a hint of white mushroom aroma. Perfect for a picnic, or to complement to a cheese board. Winner of Best New Cheese of 2017 in the World Cheese Awards!

Real Pickles Organic Red Pepper Hot Sauce Featuring a fermented mixture of fresh organic chiles, onions, garlic, tomatoes and cilantro, Organic Red Pepper Hot Sauce is a tangy and spicy addition to eggs, tacos, soups, and grain bowls.

Larson Farm & Creamery A2A2 Organic Grass-Fed Yogurt and Skyr PCO Certified Grass Fed, USDA Certified Organic. The cows at Larson Farm and Creamery have been tested to be 100% homozygous for the A2A2 beta-casein— that’s the natural variant of beta-casein, or milk protein! Larsons has some prized cows producing exceptional dairy products.  We’re now carrying their yogurt in quarts and skyr pints.

Healthy Living Artisan Cheese Samplers Packaged in-house, great for picnics, or to share with a coworker, our cheese experts have carefully selected three cheese samplers for you to enjoy. Each variety is designated by country and local origin with up to four different cheeses in each sampler. Be on the look-out for more variations in the future with the addition of other artisan accompaniments. The selections will change from time to time—that’s the beauty! Try our Vermont Sampler, Italian Sampler, and the International sampler.