New Products 6/22/2020


VT Only

Last Resort Farm: Local Organic Strawberries & Garlic Scapes – Widely known for their delicious strawberries, Last Resort is a family owned farm committed to growing strawberries without sprays of any kind in Monkton, VT. They’re equally well known for growing delicious garlic, and the secret to the best garlic for some varieties is to trim the flowers of garlic plants so that they stop making flowers and send all their energy to the bulb. This flower bud and flower stalk of the plant is called a “scape” and is SO yummy grilled, sauteed, steamed, pickled, or even as a pesto. It’s packed with – as you can imagine – a ton of garlic flavor.

Pete’s Greens: Local Organic Cherry Tomatoes and European Cucumbers First tomatoes of the season are in! Cherry tomatoes are super sweet and perfect for snacking. Also in produce are sweet tender cucumbers affectionately dubbed “Eurocukes” by veteran produce staff. These cucumbers are “burpless” super long and seedless, perfect for….everything. Grown in Crafstbury, VT by Pete’s Greens, one of the largest grower/producers of produce in the state!

Welcome Back, River Berry FarmAfter a short break (carrots are bound to sell out sometime!), welcome back to our friends at River Berry Farm! Starting out the season with red, green, and romaine lettuce, dandelion greens and rainbow chard, we are happy to revel in leafy, early summer goodness. We’re looking forward to their delicious cherry and saladette tomatoes, carrots, zucchini and cucumbers, everything you need to round out those summer salads is just around the corner!

NY Only

Tangleroot Farm: Local Organic Purple and French Breakfast Radishes – Radishes are a must have for summer salads, toasts, and for eating simply with butter and salt! Purple radishes add a pop of color while French Breakfast radishes are long and slender, perfect for scooping MORE BUTTER. Grown in Essex, NY and delivered fresh twice a week!

Slack Hollow Farm: Local Organic Purple Scallions Slack Hollow Farm is known for their amazing, long, tender scallions, and they are even more amazing when they are a beautiful purple color! Grown in Argyle, NY and delivered fresh twice a week along with tons of herbs, bunched greens, and lettuces.

Juniper Hill Farm: Local Organic CucumbersAhh yes, when the first cucumbers come out you know it’s really summer. Adam and the team at Juniper Hill are experts at raising crops in greenhouses for early season veggies and we’re always happy to see their produce on the shelves. Next up are the cherry and heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, herbs, and more surprises to come. Grown in Wadhams, NY, and delivered fresh twice a week!


 Lesser Evil Summer Popcorn Flavors – We love it when brands release seasonal flavors, especially when it’s unexpected! Lesser Evil has two new flavors of popcorn for summer: Lemonade and Pink Grapefruit. They’re a little sweet, a little tart, and totally worth trying for yourself! Available for a limited time.

New York Shuk (coming soon!) Handcrafted pantry staples that will bring true Middle Eastern flavor to your kitchen! Their Signature Harissa and Harissa with Preserved Lemon are so versatile. Stir into soups or sauces, spread on burgers and sandwiches, or use it to season salad, vegetables, and eggs! Preserved Lemon Paste has deep citrus flavor with warm floral notes, perfect for tagines, stews and sauces, and even dessert!

Vrtlari tomato juices – Packed with nutrients! Available in Mild and Tomato Juice with Celery.

Pascha sugar-free stevia baking chocolate chips.

Yolele Fonio – What’s Fonio? A tiny ancient super grain that’s been grown and celebrated across West Africa for thousands of years. This gluten-free super grain is prized for it’s easy digestibility and low glycemic index, and its resilience to grow in a region with a dry climate and sandy soil. Yolele’s Fonio is pre-cooked for easy preperation, ready in as little as 5 minutes! Yolele’s website is a great resource for recipes, everything from Fonio Acai Bowls to Mushroom Fonio Risotto.

Fresh Bellies toddler snacks – Pepperlicious, Apple Cardamom, Beet Thyme, and Mango.


VT Only

Queen City Coffee Kombucha – Another great product added to the line of one of our favorite local kombucha brewers! Kombucha brewed with cold brew coffee.

The Bagel Café & Deli – We’ve found a great local option for frozen bagels!

Trent’s Bread – Amazing French sourdough bread baked in Westford, VT. Trent Cooper is a former apprentice of Gerard Rubaud, the late baker & owner of local legend Gerard’s Bread. Cooper focuses on making pain de campagne, which he’s delivering to us fresh on Wednesdays & Fridays.

NY Only

Maine Pie Company Mini Pies – Single serve gluten free pies that are delicious. Flavors available: Blueberry and Apple.

Oatly Ice Cream New Flavors – Some great flavor additions to this dairy free frozen dessert line! Mint Chip and Coffee. Coming soon; Chocolate.

Blue Pepper Sheep’s Milk Yogurt – A local favorite! Our local sheep’s yogurt is back for the season, in both Plain and Maple.  Packaged in beautiful glass jars.


Eternity Reusable Face Masks 3packsThese cotton face masks are both breathable and super comfortable! Machine washable up to 40 washes, equipped with a stretch to fit design and elastic ear loops. They’re available in 3 colors, black, white and gray and perfect for both men and woman!

Pacha Hand SoapTA new addition to the Pacha Family. These hands soaps are the same scents as some of your favorite bar soaps — French Lavender, Clarifying Charcoal, Sand and Sea, Spearmint Lemongrass and Vanilla Almond! They are moisturizing, contain no synthetic fragrances, are cruelty free and handcrafted in the USA!

Nature’s Answer Sambucus Immune SyrupTheir original Sambucas syrup with the added benefit of Zinc, Vitamin C, Echinacea and Astragalus! This immune formula is packed with incredible ingredients to help support your immune system all year long!