New Products 5/21/2018 (Vermont)

While you’re making the grocery list for Memorial Day, be sure to add our hottest new products to the mix. How about a big bowl of sweet cherries? Or a pile of organic asparagus for the grill? Don’t forget your bag of chips— Mi Niña’s latest is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Need a frozen dessert? Try Bubby’s Mochis or Wink’s latest vegan treat! Our newest faves are just waiting to join your summer party!


Local Organic Asparagus – Last Resort Farm and Purinton Gardens’ spears are here! We love asparagus, especially when it’s organic AND even more when it’s LOCAL!

Fresh Cherries – Early season cherries from the West Coast are here, kicking off the season of delicious summer fruit

Organic Fava Beans – If you’ve never cooked with fresh fava beans before, you are in for a treat. Use them for making exceptional falafel or hummus! The season is short on these freshies, so get ‘em while you can!

Organic Grapes – In season from Mexico and California—the season’s first organic grapes are here!


Republic of Tea – Iced Teas. They’re back for the summer! Also returning are the Sonoma Wine Iced Teas. Favors: Pineapple Coconut Water, Mango Coconut Water, Matcha Coconut Water iced tea, Ginger Peach, Strawberry Basil, Hibiscus Sangria.

Tea Pigs – Tea line extension. Sip on some divine tea from this super conscientious UK-based tea company. Flavors: Super Fruit Tea, Lemon & Ginger Tea, Snooze Sleepy Tea, Bright & Green Tea, Up Beet Vitality Tea, Organic Pure Matcha Tea To-Go Sticks.

Dewey’s Soft Baked Cookies – Three scrumptious flavors: Lemon Bar, Triple Chocolate, and Brownie Batter.

Protein Ball Whey Protein Snack Balls – A handy and delicious protein snack to take on the go! Try Peanut Butter, Cacao Orange, Lemon Pistachio, Coconut Macadamia.

Mi Niña – Your next fiesta calls for a bag of Mi Niña’s Pico de Gallo tortilla chips. Yummy!

MatchaBar – Iced, ready-to-drink matcha drinks will power you up with clean, green energy. Try Hint of Honey Matcha, Just Matcha, Apple Ginger Matcha, and Mint Matcha.

Numi Organic Turmeric Chai Golden Latte – Because turmeric and chai do mix!


Snowcap Cold Brew Company – Another great local cold brew. Slow-brewed beans with the care and patience good cold brew requires. Try the Classic; a very strong, flavorful experience with a high caffeine content—comparable to 4 shots of espresso per bottle. Or go for the Girma Brew; a collaboration with 802 Coffee Roasters, for coffee connoisseurs. On sale all month—2 for $7!

Bubbies Homemade Mochi Ice Cream – Craving ice cream, but don’t want a whole bowl? Mochi Ice cream to the rescue! These delectable bite-sized ice cream treats are wrapped in sweetened rice dough. Try these three flavors: Vanilla, Strawberry and Green Tea.  

Solero Organic Fruit Bars – What a great time to introduce new desserts. USDA certified organic, NON-GMO Project Verified. Three flavors to choose from: Pina Colada, Lemon-Lime, and Strawberry.

Wink Vegan Frozen Desserts – No sugar, no dairy! Through the use of Stevia and Monk Fruit, Wink keeps these alternatives naturally sugar-free, making them both diabetic and keto-friendly. 100 calories PER pint. Non-GMO and plant-based! Flavors available: Cake Batter, Cocoa Dough, Cinnamon Bun, and Vanilla


Thayers Cucumber Witch Hazel – Alcohol-Free Cucumber Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula Toner Cooling Essence. Cukes are amazing for the skin and soothing for the body. Packed with Vitamin C and caffeic acid to reduce puffiness and irritation, and antioxidants which diminish clogged pores and help dark circles under eyes, blemishes, and scarring.  Plus,Vitamin B-5 helps to retain moisture in the skin.

My Magic Mud: New Spearmint flavor – Certified organic ingredients with activated coconut shell charcoal, and highest grade calcium bentonite clay around (Living Clay). This whitening and polishing tooth powder also reverses sensitivity and soothes your mouth! Super gentle on your enamel with a formula that’s so safe it can even be swallowed—that means none of the bad stuff.

Pacha Soap: Spring scented bar soaps – Spring is in the air, so why not have it in your soap? Pacha Soap purchases help fuel clean water initiatives, small-scale soap shops and other sustainable ventures in developing countries!

Try these spring scents:

Spring Clean Blend with Clary Sage Oil and Farm-Fresh Goat’s Milk.
Rose Clay Blend with French Rose Clay and Jasmine Essential Oil.
Tangerines and Cream Blend with Tangerine Essential Oil and Farm-Fresh Goat’s Milk.

URSA MAJOR: New travel size of their popular Hoppin Fresh Deodorant – We love this award-winning, natural deodorant. It eliminates underarm odor while absorbing excess moisture and soothing sensitive skin. 100% naturally-derived and toxin-free (no aluminum). Aroma: A crisp and naturally-cooling blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, grapefruit, chamomile and lemon.



Brooklyn BRED: Pizza crusts, Bistro Buns & Stix – Brooklyn Bred Pizza Crusts are formulated, fermented and hearth-baked. Thin, lite, with a bubbly personality, these crusts are ready-to-top, ready-to-crisp, ready-to-entertain!