New Products 7/16/2018 (Vermont)

I admit it. I’m a produce dork. Nothing gets me more excited than fresh, local produce arriving at the store. All those colors! Smells! Antioxidants! Well, as you can imagine, I’m dorking out big time right now because we have SO MUCH good stuff in-stock and ready to munch. And that’s just the start. We also have new, yummy snacks and beverages that are so fun and healthy we might forgo dinner and just snack all day. (Don’t judge.) Here’s what’s new.


We have over 100 local products in produce right now, and I bet we’ll be up to 120 by the end of next week!

Local Organic Sugar Snap Peas –

from Full Moon Farm

Snap peas are so delicious, you can eat them raw as a snack or sauté them in butter and sprinkle with salt for a simple and satisfying side dish.

Local Organic Chestnut and Black Poplar Mushrooms –

from 1000 Stone Farm
As our buyer says, these practically glow! Chestnut and Black Poplar (AKA Pioppino) mushrooms have a lot of flavor, go well in many dishes, and are excellent prepared on their own with little touches of seasoning.

Chayote Squash – Mild flavored and firm, you can treat chayote squash much like you would summer squash (like zucchini). Simply sautéed with spices, this squash makes an excellent accompaniment to almost any meat dish. It’s a traditional ingredient across the globe, and it’s especially prized in Mexican and Creole cooking.

Coming Soon!

Last Resort Farm – In a week or two, look forward to local organic currants and gooseberries. Many love the fresh, unique flavors, but we only get about one or two deliveries a season, and that’s it. We usually get red, black, and white currants, and we’ll let you know when they arrive.

​Local Organic Fresh Green Garlic – This is immature garlic ​that is not meant to be stored, and it has a sweet juiciness that is totally different from garlic that has been stored for a few months. Should be available within 2-3 weeks.

Local Organic Cipollini Onions – I love cipollini onions because they are sweet and tender, and great for
roasting whole because they are usually small. They come in red and yellow or white varieties. Available
in both stores.


Oatly Oat Milk – We've had A LOT of guests from both stores requesting this product. It’s finally arrived. No dairy, no nuts, no added sugar, no gluten, 100% vegan. Wherever and whenever you find yourself drinking cow’s milk, or pouring it in coffee, or using it in a recipe, you can use oat milk. It’s a one for one swap. We have Original and Chocolate flavors available now.

Kite Hill Artisan Almond Milk Yogurt Tubes – These dairy-free tubes start with almond milk, traditionally cultured into creamy goodness. Then fruit and live active cultures are added to create a handful of pure deliciousness kids are sure to love. No artificial colors or preservatives. Dairy, soy and gluten free. 6 grams of sugar per tube. Flavors Available: Strawberry Banana and Wild Berry.

Woodstock Organic Pomegranate Kernels – By guest request. Great for smoothies.

Healthade Jalapeno-Kiwi-Cucumber Kombucha – Cool and sweet with a touch of spice, this organic and cold-pressed beverage is refreshing on these nice days we’ve been having.

Northern Bayou Cold Brew New Flavors – The two new flavors are Toasted Coconut and The Big Easy. Toasted coconut isn’t sweetened or flavored with a syrup, just steeped with house toasted organic coconut chips for a subtle pop of coconut. The Big Easy is a traditional New Orleans style cold brew steeped with chicory. If you haven’t had New Orleans style cold brew before, the chicory lends a spicy and woody feel to the coffee.


Essential HL Honey Sriracha Cashews and Honey Cashews – Available in bulk!

From the Ground Up Cauliflower Crackers and Pretzels – Three cracker flavors: nacho, cheddar, and sea salt. Pretzels available in sticks or twists.

Kitchen & Love – Ready to eat cauliflower meals. Three great flavors to choose from: Harissa, Curry, and Peru Vegetable.

Sejoya Coconut ThinsVanilla, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, and Lemon Zest.

Made Good Gluten Free and Organic Soft Cookies – Allergen friendly! Chocolate Chip, Banana Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, and Apple Cinnamon.

Matchabar Hustle Energy Drinks – Now in a can! Traditional and Sugar Free.


JARROW Vegan Chondroitin + Glucosamine – This formula includes Mythocondro, and is the first non-animal chondroitin sulfate produced by a patented fermentation-based manufacturing process. Mythocondro showed a ~43% higher oral bioavailability compared to animal CS (MW: 20,000-64,000 daltons) in a clinical study to support an effective CS amount of 700 mg. This non-animal, high-purity chondroitin sulfate is great for joint and skin health.

HYLANDS BABY ORAL RELIEF – Naturally relieves the symptoms of oral pain and discomfort, including sore, sensitive, or swelling gums, and irritability. Easy to administer, quick-dissolving tablets melt in your baby’s mouth instantly. Our gentle homeopathic formulas are made with all-natural active ingredients. For over a century, we have stood as a leader in innovations that answer to the changing health needs of our modern world.

Smartypants Gummy multivitamins – Now available in FIVE organic options, for men, women, kids, toddlers and prenatal.

Kids Complete – New certified-organic and certified-vegetarian Kids Complete, includes omega-3, probiotics,* and 14 essential nutrients – all in a delicious gummy kids love.

Herbs-On-The-Go sprays – Available in 3 new formulas – Anxious Moment, Everyday Focus, and Ready for Pollen.