New Products 7/20/2020


Both Stores

Fresh Rose Strawberries – Pink strawberries may be the next pink wine! Peachy, floral, sweet and creamy, these strawberries taste as good as they look and are available for a limited time only.

NY Only

Local Organic Green Tomatoes and Italian Eggplant – Juniper Hill Farm: Make the best Eggplant parm you’ve ever had with super fresh local eggplant! Alternate breaded eggplant and fried green tomatoes for a combination of textures for the best eggplant parm you’ve ever had. Green tomatoes can also be grilled, pureed, fried, or sauteed to highlight their unique texture and mild tomato flavor.

Local Organic Garlic Scapes – Juniper Hill Farm: Garlic scapes are the flower and stalk of the garlic plant and can be used in any number of ways, but our favorites are to make a garlicy pesto, delicious fritters with grated zucchini, or for an easy accompaniment to any dinner simply throw them on the grill with some oil and salt.

VT Only

Local Organic Blueberries Adam’s Berry Farm: Blueberries are in! The weather this year has been a little less than cooperative, but the berries are always worth the wait. Stock up while you can, eat a pint for lunch, or contact us if you are looking for berries in bulk fresh from the farm!

Fresh NY PeachesParadise Fruit: These are the peaches we wait and wait for. Grown in NY and brought to us direct from the orchard by small scale, family owned distributor Paradise Fruit, these peaches are so fresh and so big and so sweet that we just can’t get enough of them! Available now through August as long as the weather holds up! As with anything, please feel free to call our friendly staff for daily availability to make sure we have your favorites in stock or to have something held just for you.


Both Stores

Cleveland Kraut – Unpasteurized, lacto-fermented, full of natural probiotics, nutrients and flavor. Flavors available: Gnar Gnar, and Roasted Garlic.

Haven’s Kitchen Sauces – They’ve done the shopping and chopping so you can do the eating and eating. Great sauces to make cooking during the week more elevated in a fraction of the time. Flavors currently available: Chimichurri and Romesco. Flavors coming soon: Ginery Miso, Golden Turmeric Tahini and Zippy Chili Harissa.

VT Only

Queen City Kombucha Maple 32fz kombucha – Great flavor you already love now in a bigger size.

Adam’s Berry Farm Sorbets – One of our most well-known (and loved) local berry farms is branching out to sorbet! The absolutely perfect dessert for those 80 degree summer days. We have Strawberry and Raspberry Sorbet available now. Bonus: visit our Produce Department for fresh blueberries & raspberries from Adam’s Berry Farm!


Both Stores

 Annie’s new vegan mac and cheese options –  Deluxe Vegan Mac & Cheese, Vegan Mac & Cheese Cup (singles and two packs available)

Primal Kitchen Buffalo Wing Sauce – Staff and guest favorite Primal Kitchen is kicking it up a notch! This medium-heat sauce is bursting with flavor, with NO sugar. This Keto Certified, Certified Paleo, and Whole30-approved sauce serves up just the right amount of fire!

Lakanto powdered monkfruit sweetener

Pumpkin Tree organic fruit and oats puree snack pouches – Mango Orange, Pear Lemon, and Apple Cinnamon. 

Hu Kitchen Grain Free Crackers – The makers of the ever-popular chocolate line are branching out and expanding their line of plant-based Paleo snacks! Made with a blend of almond, whole cassava, and organic coconut flour. Available in Everything and Sea Salt.

VT Only

Gerardo Di Nola – an amazing pasta line imported from Italy by local legend Dell Amore. Rigatoni Romani, Mezzi Rigatoni, Ruote.


Both Stores

Nordic Naturals Immune Daily Defense Immunity and health is at the top of everyone’s mind these days. This 4-in-1 immune supplement collectively provides support for a healthy response to immune stressors. Containing Elderberry, Zinc and Vitamins C & D, this blend is convenient and designed for daily use, aiding your immune system all year long. Essential vitamins C and D3 facilitate critical immune activities, while zinc glycinate and standardized elderberry extract assist the development and function of immune cells.