New Products 7/6/2020


Both Stores

Tuscan Melons – This super sweet Italian style melon is 30-40% sweeter than your average cantaloupe. A more traditional musk melon type, it has a complex and rich flavor with a super soft and juicy texture. Find the melons with the most “netting” on the outside and darkest green bands for the sweetest melon, or ask one of our amazing staff to help you pick the melon for you!

Organic Black Mission Figs Figs are only in season for a few weeks each year, and are one of the oldest plants cultivated by humans for food. Black Mission figs have been planted in California since the 1700s, often at missions, which is where the variety gets its name. We love to eat them raw, or roast them to make jam, or place them halved on pizza, cut side up with a drizzle of balsamic and handful of arugula.

Local Organic Heirloom TomatoesIt’s begun! The catch-all name “Heirloom Tomatoes” refers to the stunning mixes of tomatoes unique to each grower, that vary widely in size, shape, color and flavor. They’re most often antique varieties of tomatoes that have been passed down from generation to generation, and are all favorites chosen by farmers for flavor, yield, and appearance. Names like Brandywine, Green Zebra, Cherokee Purple, Mortgage Lifter, Mr. Stripey, Garden Peach and Aunt Ruby’s German Green speak to their rich history and often mysterious origins. With hundreds of varieties available, the possibilities for easy and ‘Gram worthy summer salads are truly endless.

NY Only

Local Hydroponic Tomatoes – hushan Valley Hydro Farm: We are so grateful to sell Phyllis and Wayne Underwood’s outstanding basil year-round, and what goes better with basil than tomatoes? We will have their beefsteak, vine ripe yellow and orange, and heirloom variety mix tomatoes while supplies last. The Underwoods grow without the use of pesticides in their greenhouses year-round, so they can provide the freshest tomatoes and the most perfect fragrant basil to their markets all year.

VT Only

Local Sugar Snap Peas Coming to you from IPM (integrated pest management) grower Lewis Creek Farm in Starksboro, VT. Snap peas are a sweet and fleeting summer favorite. Easy to love by kids and adults alike, they’ll be available for the next few weeks – don’t miss out on one of the sweetest, fleeting summer veggies.

Adam’s Berry Farm: Local Organic RaspberriesAdam’s Berry Farm: Sweet raspberries are delicate and delicious, particularly so when they’re so fresh from the fields. Adam’s Berry Farm is a local family owned operation in Charlotte, VT that we have been working with for many years to bring the freshest berries to our Guests. Raspberries are available all summer and often well into the fall.


Both Stores

 Simply Organic Simmer Sauces – These have become pantry staples for so many of our guests! A quick and easy way to add a burst of flavor to any meal! New varieties are in-store now. Try: Coconut Curry, General Tso, Korean BBQ, Korma, Madras Curry, Pad Thai, and Tikki Masala.

Palmini Linguini (coming soon!) This low carb pasta is made with hearts of palm!

Fever Tree sparkling grapefruit soda – A new refreshing flavor from longtime favorite brand Fever Tree. Just the right amount of tart grapefruit flavor. Great on it’s own or mixed with your favorite spirit.

Endangered Species Oatmilk Dark Chocolate B

Foodstirs Organic Baking Mixes – The junk-free bakery! Each mix has 25% less sugar and can be easily modified to be Vegan. Plus, they’re super easy to make! Try: Chocolate Chippy Cookie, Chocolate Brownie, and Vanilla Cake.

Missy J’s Vegan Carob Baking Chips


Both Stores

 Black River Meats Sausages – Hot and sweet Italian sausages, just in time for peak summer grilling! Black River works closely with a small network of Vermont farms to source their pork. They only carry all-natural pork from Heritage Bred pigs, raised sustainability and humanely without the use of added growth hormones or antibiotics.


Both Stores

Rise Organic Oat Milk Lattes – Fuel your mind with organic, sustainably-sourced coffee. An added bonus with Oat milk for a dairy free beverage.

Rebbl Organic Plant-Based Keto Drinks – Plant-Based Keto is a thing, and it’s amazing! Delivering delicious taste and clean ingredients while delivering perfectly balanced keto macros. Available in 2 flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla Almond.

Dr Praeger’s Plant Powered Sliders – A great new set of products. Up to 20g of plant-powered protein. Flavors available: Perfect Burger, Chik’n, and Buffalo Chik’n.

GoodPop Organic Pushups – GoodPop always delivers on cleaned up classics that taste amazing. These organic and dairy-free push pops will make any kid’s (or kid at heart’s) afternoon! We have Creamy Lemonade and Creamy Orange on the shelf now.


Both Stores

Country Life Gut Connection, Immune Balance A healthy immune system starts in the gut! This formula is actually probiotic-free and clinically studied to show supportive benefits for both digestion and immune health. This product supports a healthy microbiome and immune system, as well as healthy energy levels! Certified Vegan and Gluten Free.

Andalou Botanical Shave Cream This new skin-soothing shaving cream is formulated with vegan probiotics and hydrating aloe vera. Providing an effortless glide and defense against nicks, cuts and shaving irritation. Available in two scents: lavender thyme and coconut lime. You have to try these!

NY Only (coming soon to VT)

Pacha Soap Co. Hand SanitizerAnother new offering from one of our favorite brands! This 70% alcohol hand sanitizer was made in their ever-popular scent, French lavender. Keep your hands squeaky clean when soap and water are not available.