New Products at Healthy Living: South Burlington, VT


Organic Cranberries 12oz

Organic Pomegranates

Organic Brussels Sprouts

Organic Bosc Pears

Local Eco-Grown Empire Apples – Champlain Orchards: Red, juicy, firm, crunchy sweet, Mac type apple.  Grown first in NYS in 1945 – it’s a favorite!

Local Eco-Grown Reine des Rheinette Heirloom Apple – Scott Farm: Juicy! The intense sweetness of this apple is balanced with acidity. Great for eating out of hand or with a knife, it is also good for cooking, and in Normandy is considered the best apple for making hard cider. A French apple from the 1700’s, this is also called “King of the Pippins.”

Local Eco-Grown Black Gilliflower (or “Sheep’s Nose”) Heirloom Apples – Scott Farm: Rich in flavor and highly aromatic,
“Gilliflower” refers to the hint of clove you can taste. Traditionally a cooking apple, however, many prefer to eat it fresh. This New England variety has been around since the early 1800’s, and is also called a”Sheep’s Nose,” because of it’s unusual shape.”

Local Eco-Grown Blue Pearmain Heirloom Apples
Fairly dry, firm, dense, and slightly crisp, it’s perfect for baked apples – the thick skin with it’s blue haze holds up extremely well. Excellent also for pies and apple sauces. Henry David Thoreau wrote about this variety in his “Wild Apples” essay, and while he throughly eschewed “modern” varieties, he called these “almost as good as wild.”

Local Eco-Grown Cox’s Orange Pippin Heirloom Apples – Scott Farm

Local Organic Gilfeather Turnips – Golden Russet Farm

Local Organic Parsnips: Jericho Settler’s Farm

Local Organic Valenciano Pumpkins: Hazendale Farm

Local Organic Beauregard Sweet Potatoes: Laughing Child Farm

Local Organic Lunch Box Sweet Peppers: Stony Loam Farm -They look like hot peppers, but we promise, they are not.

Organic Buttercup Winter Squash: River Berry Farm

Organic Gilfeather Turnips: Golden Russet Farm

Organic Celeriac: Golden Russet Farm

Organic Jack O Lantern Pumpkins: Hazendale Farm

Eco-Grown Reine des Reinette Heirloom Apples

Eco-Grown Ananas Rheinette Heirloom Apples

Eco-Grown Shelburne Orchards Honeycrisp Apples

Grocery & Refrigerated:

Cider: We have all 4 of our local cider producers up and running and on our shelves. We have Champlain Orchards gallons, half gallons and pints. Shelburne Orchards half gallons, and half gallons of Ginger Cider. We have Cold Hollow gallons and half gallons. We have Chittenden Cider Mill gallons and half gallons as well.

The Chaat Co Savory Yogurt: First impression of these was “gross”. After tasting them “wow”. These are actually really good and you can get creative with the culinary applications. I tried these at expo last year and was impressed. Now that they’re finally available I want to try them out. They should be sending some demo product whenever I need some. For those that are curious, the puffs on the top are Lentil Puffs, and their good. 3 flavors to choose from: Tamarind Date, Mango Chili, Cucumber Mint. They’re merchandised over by the Cafe Spice Line in our international cooler which is shared with Sushi. One of those things were it sounds weird, but taste awesome. Savory yogurt is a trend I’m slowly seeing emerge.

Vermont Yogurt Company: 2 seasonal flavors are: Apple Delight, fruit on the bottom, taste like an apple pie. Spiced Pumpkin yogurt.

Jenis Ice Cream Seasonal Flavors:  Thai Curry Pumpkin – Fresh Kabocha Pumpkin blended with Thai curry spices and coconut. Sweet Potato Eclair- Spiced sweet potato cream with pastry flake and white chocolate curls. Just crazy what these guys make, all delicious.

Rabbis Roots Horseradish: Made in Vermont in Derby.

Miyokos Creamery Double Cream Chive

Nettle Meadow Apple Cider Fromage Frais: Spreadable mixed milk(Goat/Cow) cheese option.

Grafton Village Shepsog: This cheese has won many awards. It’s a sheep and cow milk blend, cave aged at least 5 months.

Grafton Village 3 Year (cheese)

Vermont Creamery St. Albans: It’s VTC’s first non-GMO certified cheese, as well as their first cheese made with 100% cow’s milk. Hand shaped and aged for 11 days, packaged in sturdy ceramic pots. Even after packaging the rinds continue to develop, while the paste becomes more spreadable,and flavor more robust.

The Jackfruit Company: There’s 3 flavors available to us and on our shelves now. We have BBQ, Tex-Mex, and Sesame-Ginger.

Cabot Whey Protein

Green Garden Dressings: Great line of salad dressings. Organic, certified Non-GMO. These have sweet and savory applications as well. The flavors we’ll have are: Balsamic Herb, Orange Miso, Pomegranate Hibiscus, and Lime Cumin.

Sophies Kitchen Vegan Lobster Mac and Cheese, Vegan Seafood Jambalya: Non-GMO verified, Gluten and soy free, this is a great option for our vegan guests who don’t indulge in the treasures from the sea.

Calfia Farms Pumpkin Spice Latte Cold Brew: Cold brew coffee blended with fall spices and almond milk.

Katalyst Kombucha: There’s 6 flavors: Bliss Berry, Schizandra Berry, Pure Essence, Ginger Devotion, Green Lovin, and Concord Grape.

*Full Sun non-GMO canola oil will be replacing the Spectrum option in the bulk departments. NY, you are getting this from AB. VT, Killam Sales will take care of you. Look for it in the liquids section of the bulk department.

Polar is releasing their seasonal fall flavors this week. They are:

winter citrus & berry (also available in 8pk)
pink peach bellini
cranberry cider (also available in 8pk)
tart cherry & lime (also available in 8pk)
late harvest berries

Natures Bakery: GF fig bars will get 2 new multi pack options – original fig bar, and blueberry fig bar.

*New coffees galore from Abracadabra, Brave, and Capitol Grounds. All will be available in the coffee set.

Abracadabra:Puru finca la perla, ethiopia kochere, sulawesi tana toraja

Brave: Og sumatra ketiara, ethiopia konga, og colombia sevilla

Theo chocolate bars will have 2 new flavors – organic 70% dark chocolate, and organic dark chocolate with orange. Look for them in the chocolate set with the other Theo options.

Exclusive to HLVT is the latest coconut water from Green Valley – pineapple! We will be the only food retailer to carry this product for the next three months. Both singles and 12 packs will be available. Look for it in the grab and go coolers, and on Coconut Water Mountain across from the ‘booch kegorator.


Life-Flo Bentonite Clay Powder: Facial detox

Enzymedica Gluten Ease: For gluten digestion

Vital Planets (Pet Products): Line extension of some top sellers: calm soft chews, hip&joint soft chews, flora dog chews

Nordic Naturals: Nordic Berries cherry berry flavor

Herbal Answers: Aloeforce mistifier 4fl oz


Founders PC Pils 15 pack

Northshire Brewery Sicilian IPA 4 pack 16 oz cans

Northshire Brewery Eqinox Pilsner 4 pack 16 oz cans

Hermit Thrush Stickney Kreik 16 oz can


Vrac Bordeaux