Nina’s Tips & Techniques: Grilled Fruit

I love grilling, but this whole grilled fruit and dessert thing is just too much for me. Is there really a good reason I should put fruit on my grill?

Oh yes! I do hope I can get you on board with the idea because, YUM! As we’ve discussed before, the dark, black lines you put on grilled foods, your palate registers as bitter. Bitter, when paired with sweet, is extremely pleasing. So fruit is really the perfect thing to put on the grill. It also makes a simple dish so exciting. Say your recipe is a pineapple salsa. Try grilling the pineapple first; it will add a ton of dimension to your dish! Or try grilling lemons before making a lemon vinaigrette—out of this world! And you can make the easiest summer desserts without turning on your oven. Check out this week’s featured recipe!

Ok, you’ve convinced me. Now, how do I grill a fruit?

Like other things we’ve discussed in this series, heat is your friend. Keep your grill hot. Before placing fruit on the grill, let your grill burn for a bit and then give it a good brush. This will ensure that any meaty flavors are burnt off and won’t taint your fruit. Use a flavorless oil (not olive oil) to oil your fruit before grilling. Canola or grapeseed are good choices. I also sometimes like to use ghee to grill fruit because it adds a wonderful buttery flavor, and can stand up to the heat well. Remember, you only need to grill fruit until it has those nice lines on it. You’re not really trying to cook it through, but just putting the color on it. You want your fruit to have great texture and not get mushy.

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