Nina’s Tips & Techniques: Scallops

What does it mean when Scallops say “dry” on the package?

Dry scallops is the industry term for “natural” scallops. Dry scallops have not been treated with phosphates or Sodium Tripolyphosphates (a preservative) and therefore usually appear tan or vanilla in color rather than a stark white. At Healthy Living we only sell dry scallops because they meet our very strict product standards. We also believe they offer a superior final product as dry scallops usually sear up nicer than the others.

Can you eat scallops rare?

Yes you can! In fact you can eat scallops raw if they are fresh enough (ours are!). I adore rare scallops because of the delicate texture and lovely flavor; mild and briney. I like to use a hot pan to just sear each side quickly, leaving the middle raw and tender. You want your pan hot enough that the scallop get a light brown color on each side, but doesn’t cook all the way through from being on the heat too long. I also love to put scallops on a hot grill using the same technique!

What is ceviche and are scallops a good option for it?

Ceviche is a sort of seafood “pickle.” Ceviche uses the acidity in citrus to coagulate (or cook) the proteins in seafood. From a technical standpoint a ceviche is cooked, but not with heat. Ceviche is a delicious way to enjoy seafood like shrimp and scallops. It is light, easy to prepare, and totally delicious!

Featured Recipe: Sunny Seafood Ceviche