Nina’s Tips & Techniques: Kabobs

My kabobs are always totally inconsistent. Either the vegetables are soggy and the meat is overdone, or everything is raw. How do I find kabob success?

Kabobs are one of those things that sound really fun and tasty, but are riddled with potential for failure. The biggest issue is that when you string a bunch of different items onto a kebob skewer they’re not all items that cook at the same time. So for example, if you put chicken, onion, and cherry tomatoes on one skewer and cook it until the chicken is done, you will have charred onions and mushy tomatoes. If you cook it until the tomatoes are done, you will have raw chicken. The best solution? Make skewers of only one ingredient, each skewer small enough per person to have one full skewer of each ingredient. Cook each to its ideal doneness. Then your guest can take one skewer of each when they make their plate. Ta-da!!


When skewering meat for kabobs leave 1/2 inch of space between each piece instead of crowding them together. Allowing heat to get all the way around each cube of meat will allow each piece to cook more evenly.